When Unsolved Mysteries landed on Netflix back in July 2020, the internet was sent into a sleuthing frenzy.


Some 20 years since the show wrapped on NBC and CBS, 12 new episodes were commissioned by Netflix and produced by Terry Dunn Meurer, John Cosgrove and the team behind Stranger Things.

Unsolved Mysteries has captured viewers' imaginations and 1000s of tips have been sent to the official website already, which have been passed on to the FBI.

And it seems all the digging is working, as in a recent interview, Meurer revealed that a decades-long case is about to be solved.

Netflix dropped their first six episodes, and the remaining six are expected to land on the site later this year with one of the episodes set to explore ghosts.

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The show has even set up a dedicated Twitter page to give viewers all important updates on the gripping cases.

And if those first six cases weren't enough for you to sink your teeth into, Netflix has since confirmed Unsolved Mysteries part two will be landing on October 19th 2020. Time to get sleuthing again!

Here's everything you need to know about the bizarre and unexplained cases found on the Netflix series.

When is Unsolved Mysteries released on Netflix?

The series was launched on Netflix on 1st July 2020. The first six episodes of the show dropped on this date, with the other half landing on October 19th 2020.

We know we'll be getting six more episodes and one of them will definitely be about paranormal activity, but other five are, well, a mystery.

What is Unsolved Mysteries about?

The original Unsolved Mysteries series ran from 1987 until 1999, and had a total of nine seasons which explored a variety of unsolved cases.

Stranger Things executive producer Shawn Levy and his company 21 Laps Entertainment have now joined forces with Netflix to "refresh" the series for a new 12-episode season.

The new, revamped series will look at a range of unsolved mysteries from the trauma of a loved one's unexplained disappearance or horrific death, to the shock of a bizarre paranormal encounter.

Alongside detectives and journalists, family members offer clues, present theories, and identify suspects, hoping one viewer holds the key to solving the mystery.


In a statement, Meurer and Cosgrove reflected on the "life-changing power" of the show, which evolved from three specials produced for NBC in 1985.

So far, Unsolved Mysteries has helped solve over 260 cases, including a 30-year old case just this spring.

"It's gratifying to know we’ve had an impact on people's lives," they said.

And according to producer Terry Dunn Meurer, a decades-old case is about to be solved.

What are the next six cases about?

Netflix are yet to release a synopsis from the next six episodes, but what RadioTimes.com does know is that one of the episodes will look at "unusual activity".

As she revealed new episodes will drop “sometime later this year”, Meurer told Variety that the show will delve into another paranormal mystery.

When asked if viewers will see a ghost story, she replied: “Yes. But I’ll qualify that and say it’s an unusual ghost episode. That’s all I’ll say. It’s different. A bit different.”

We won't have long to wait as the series will be landing on 19th October 2020.

Unsolved Mysteries cases

unsolved mysteries

There will be 12 episodes in the series, each containing a different case. The first six cases range from a rooftop mystery, to a disappearance that took 13 minutes and a mixing witness.

1. Mystery on the rooftop - Rey Rivera

The first episode, Mystery on the Rooftop, looks at the death of Rey Rivera in 2006.

The newlywed was last seen alive on 16 May 2006, before his body was found six days later in an abandoned room in the second-story annex of the Belvedere Hotel in Baltimore.

Having plunged through the roof of the room where he was found, it was assumed Rivera had jumped to his death.

However, a number of factors led to his death being ruled as "unexplained" and many doubting whether he had in fact taken his own life. There has been particular interest in a bunch of mystery callers, including one who phoned the police to get access to Rey's computer which was being searched, and his friend Porter Stansberry who didn't help with investigations.

He also left a letter taped to the back of his computer, which viewers have been pouring over in their thousands. Rey Rivera's note has also inspired a whole batch of theories, prompting his wife to speak out about the mysterious letter and the unusual occurrence that happened just days before he disappeared. What's more, his wife said he was carrying a token from her when he died, prompting more questions around the circumstances of his death

2. 13 Minutes - Patrice Endres

The next episode in the series hopes to understand how and why a local hairdresser disappeared in broad daylight, all within just 13 minutes.

In 2004, Patrice Endres abruptly vanished from the salon she owned within a 13-minute window. However, exactly 600 days after her disappearance, her case took a shocking turn.

There have been multiple theories emerging about Patrice's disappearance and subsequent death, with even the director of the episode saying there's "mystery" around her remains.

Currently, the Unsolved Mysteries team are hopeful the key to closing Patrice's case lies in her blue Chevvy Lumina, though there's been plenty of talk about her husband Rob, who caught the director's attention.

3. House of Terror - Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès

House of Terror looks at a French case from 2011, where a woman and four children were discovered buried under the family’s home porch.

The aristocrat father of the family, Xavier DuPont De Ligonnès was suspected to be the killer, but has never been found, though he reportedly did speak to his wife about "mass suicide" previously.

New tips are emerging all the time suggesting he has been spotted across various parts of the world, with the Unsolved Mysteries boss saying Xavier was "spotted" in Chicago, United States. Director Clay Jeter suggested there have been "hundreds" of reported sightings, adding people have been "seeing him everywhere".

4. No Ride Home - Alonzo Brooks

The fourth story looks at Alonzo Brooks - a 23-year-old who never came home after a party he went to with his friends. A month later, his body was found. Many believe that his unsolved death is a hate crime, but no final decision was ever made.

However, his case has been reopened by the FBI, who are currently offering a $100,000 reward for any credible information which will lead to an arrest. And according to the Unsolved Mysteries team, there's one credible tip which could be the answer to the case.

And as of 21st July, Brooks' body has been exhumed, which could suggest fresh evidence in the case.

5. Berkshires UFO

Residents of Berkshire County, Massachusetts recall their baffling and terrifying experiences with a UFO on the night of September 1, 1969.

Four completely separate residents in the area had frightening encounters with extra-terrestrial forces - but what actually happened during the Berkshires UFO sightings?

6. Missing Witness - Lena Chapin

The sixth episode looks at the story of Lena Chapin - a woman who claimed her mother had killed her father. Several years later she was issued a subpoena to testify in court, but then disappeared.

However, some fresh evidence has emerged which could offer a new perspective on Lena's disappearance.

How can viewers help?

As all cases are still unsolved, the documentary is slightly different to other true crime series as viewers can actually get involved.

Viewers will be advised at the end of the episode where they can send any relevant information or tips they might have, in the hope that they hold the key to solving the mystery.

They can find all the information they need on Unsolved.com, and make sure you stay tuned to the show's official Twitter account, as they will be the ones sharing updates when they have them.

Why is there no host?

The original Unsolved Mysteries had several hosts throughout the years, most notably the late Robert Stack who was known for his low-register and evenly-paced voice guiding viewers through interviews, photographs, and videos of past cold cases.

However, fans have noticed that the reboot doesn't actually have a host. So, why exactly is that?

Speaking about the decision to remove the host, Unsolved Mysteries original co-creator Terry Dunn Meurer says it was difficult to replace Robert, so they decided against it.

"We talked about that for long time, even about using an unseen narrator, but we decided it was really tough to fill the late Robert Stack’s shoes. He was an iconic host for so many years," he told the New York Post in an interview.

"The other part of the equation was that we wanted this be in the documentary world, where the people whose mysteries these episodes involve are more present and more of the storytellers."

Meurer added: "In addition to interviewing family members and law enforcement, we go on location to get more of a sense of each case. We don’t try to come down on one point of view and try to create as balanced a story as we can."

Unsolved Mysteries producer Shawn Levy reiterated just how irreplaceable Stack's presence was in the original show. Decider reports that in the press notes provided by Netflix, Levy explained: “In Robert’s absence, we are letting the spirit and the strength of the stories carry the narrative. Above all, our aspiration was to make a new chapter worthy of his memory and of [his] iconic contribution to this iconic series.”

Is there an Unsolved Mysteries trailer?

There sure is, and it's pretty spooky!

The revival trailer teases lots of new mysteries, as it combines signature elements from the original series with contemporary immersive, character-driven storytelling.

You can watch it below.


Unsolved Mysteries is now available to watch on Netflix - part two will be released on 19th October 2020. Check out our lists of the best TV shows on Netflix and the best movies on Netflix, or see what else is on with our TV Guide.