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Inside Berkshires UFO sightings where one night changed four families' lives - Unsolved Mysteries investigates

They know what they saw - but what's the truth?

Unsolved Mysteries Berkshires Tommy Warner
Published: Tuesday, 7th July 2020 at 9:22 am

Netflix's Unsolved Mysteries delves back into some of the world's most interesting and baffling cases which were never resolved.


The series delves into The Berkshires UFO sightings from 1969 to find out the truth behind the extra-terrestrial case.

You may be wondering exactly about the bizarre occurrence and what happened to the four people who claimed they saw aliens over 50 years ago on the Netflix episode.

What happened in the Berkshires UFO sightings of 1969?

Tommy Warner

Tommy Warner was just a normal boy happily colouring in with his friends on Labor Day weekend (September 1st) in 1969, when he claims he encountered aliens.

It was getting late, and he went to look out of the window when he claims a voice told him: "You need to go home now".

Tommy said it "scared the daylights" out of him. He turned to his minder, Debbie, to tell her he had to leave, believing it was "God's voice" advising him to do so.

Tommy immediately ran out of the house and could feel an energy inside of him which he claims was the "fear of mental telepathy". He said he thought he was flying, but Debbie said he was running in one spot, not moving.

Turning to his left, Tommy claims to have seen a UFO falling out of the sky before shining a beam on him. His hands were pulled behind him by some unknown force and the "air was sucked right out of [him]".

Debbie corroborates Tommy's story, describing how the light was on him - then, in a blink of an eye, he vanished.

Unsolved Mysteries Berkshires Melanie
Unsolved Mysteries Berkshires UFO: Melanie gives her account

He said the next thing he remembers is lying on the other side of the property being held on the ground by a beam.

After a minute, he turned around, looked up to the sky, and the beam vanished. Debbie claims the event was seven minutes long.

Melanie Kirchdorfer

On the same evening, Melanie Kirchdorfer, who 14 at the time, was enjoying an ice cream by Lake Mansfield with her family.

In a similar way to Tommy, the family claims to have seen a blinding white light and a craft coming from under the water in front of them - Melanie explains on the Netflix series how she didn't know Tommy previously.

Her father attempted to follow the UFO while she and her sibling screamed out of fear. She remembers "levitating and being on a ship".

Tommy claims he remembers seeing Melanie on the craft. She adds: "I was in a room with just young people - they were like children - and they would disappear one by one."

Melanie claims the next thing she knew, she was alone on the lakefront and had to find her own way home.

Despite not knowing Tommy, Melanie says she felt an immediate connection with him when she first met him, just like siblings.

Thomas Reed

In Sheffield, a town nearby to Tommy and Melanie, Thomas Reed and his family drove through the Sheffield Bridge on the same night as the other occurrences.

When they left the bridge, the family's car was lit up with a bright white light. Thom describes it as "daylight" in the vehicle, but it gets creepier - all of them noted how there was perfect silence for a moment, until a cadence of "crickets and frogs" erupted around them.

Unsolved Mysteries Berkshires UFO Thomas Reed
Unsolved Mysteries Berkshires UFO: Thomas Reed

That's the last time Thom remembers being in the car, believing that he is missing around three hours from his life.

During those missing hours, Thom suspects he was on a ship, but he can't be too sure.

The family "came to" in front of a drug store, 1.2 miles away from the site of the bizarre occurrence. Thom's mother was driving before the incident and after it. Thomas's grandmother was in the driving seat - although she never drove.

Jane Green

If those three reports weren't creepy enough, Jane Green from Great Barrington also ran into the UFO while driving home with her friend.

What happened after the Berkshire UFO sightings?

Everyone who claims to have seen the UFO has kept their stories hidden for many years as people tended not to believe them.

Thomas told his school friends about what happened, and sadly his colleagues turned on him and shunned him.

The Reed brothers, Thomas and Matt said they've had more encounters with aliens - in fact, four. They never use the word "abductions".

In 2015, the Great Barrington Historical Society officially recognised the Berkshires UFO sightings as an historical event. A memorial was erected but later removed.


The Reed brothers have told their story on Alien Mysteries on Discovery Channel Canada and the story has been recounted on Ancient Aliens on the History Channel.

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