Calling all internet sleuths: Unsolved Mysteries has returned for six new cases. And they’re even more perplexing than before.


As previously teased by executive producer Terry Dunn Meurer, viewers can expect a ghost story and two mysteries based outside of the US among the second volume of enigmas.

The new trailer, also gave us the episode titles: Stolen Kids, Lady in the Lake, Washington Insider Murder, Tsunami Spirits and Death Row Fugitive. Although the small preview of the show didn't reveal much about each case, has unearthed extensive details about what mysteries will be uncovered in each episode (see below).

So, what exactly do these cases entail? How can you help solve them? Here’s everything you need to know about Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2.

When is Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2 released on Netflix?

Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2 will be released on Monday 19th October 2020 on Netflix.

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The show’s second Netflix volume will feature six new episodes. You can go and watch the series now.

What are the new six cases in Volume 2?

Although the new trailer gives away the title of each episode, they didn't reveal much information about each specific case. unearthed the intriguing details of what to expect…

Washington Insider Murder understands this episode will delve into the strange case of John P Wheeler III. Also known as Jack Wheeler, his body was found on 30th December 2010 in the Cherry Island Landfill, Delaware.

A chairman of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund, Wheeler was apparently killed by a “blunt force trauma," according to the Delaware state medical examiner's office. Not only is it unclear what exactly caused this injury, but the reasons behind Wheeler’s erratic behaviour days before his body was found remain elusive.

Following his death, a video of Jack Wheeler a day emerged, showing the 66-year-old looking disorientated while wearing only one shoe.

According to The Washington Post. He was seemingly trying to gain access to a garage, claiming he needed to pay a parking fee (however, his car was in a different garage at the time). Wheeler also claimed his briefcase had been stolen.

On the same day, Wheeler approached a pharmacist in the area, asking for a ride to Wilmington, Delaware.

On the 30th December, when Wheeler was last sighted alive, he was seen wandering outside several office buildings looking “confused and disoriented” at 8.30pm. 14 hours later, his body was found.

How did Wheeler die? And what caused his strange behaviour?

Death in Oslo understands this episode will explore a murder seemingly carried out at the Plaza Hotel in Oslo, Norway.

A luxury hotel with 37 floors, it’s known for the mysterious murder of an unidentified woman found in 1995. Checking in under the name Jennifer Fergate, her death was officially ruled as a suicide, with the woman discovered holding a Browning 9mm pistol.

However, according to Norweigan paper Verdens Gang, soon details about the case became more intriguing. Firstly, no gunshot residue or blood was found on her hands, indicating she didn’t fire the pistol. Secondly, the serial number of the gun was removed and no fingerprints were found on the weapon. All labels were also removed from her clothes.

It’s not clear if the woman was actually called Jennifer Fergate either, with no ID or passport found with the body. Although the case was publicised at the time, the body has never been identified.

Stolen Kids

According to information seen by, Stolen Kids will investigate the disappearance of Christopher Dansby, who was last seen in a New York City playground on 18th May 1989.

According to the Charley Project, which publicises cold cases of missing people, two-year-old Christopher had been with his mother in the playground on the day of his disappearance. Needing to pick up food at a nearby store, and not having a pram with her, she left Christopher with relatives at the park. When returning half an hour later, her son was missing.

Where did Christopher go? Her relatives said he had disappeared while playing with a red ball (a toy the boy did not own).

Intriguingly, a seven-year-old boy allegedly witnessed Christopher walking up a nearby street later in the day, accompanied by an unidentified man.

Lady in the Lake understands this episode will follow the case of JoAnn Matouk Romain. The mother disappeared after attending church in Michigan, US, in January 2010.

Her body was eventually found 70 days later floating in the icy Detroit River, 30 miles from the church.

Although the death was officially ruled as a suicide, the Detroit Free Press reports that JoAnn’s daughter Michelle disputes this. After hiring several private investigators and pathologists, Michelle says several findings emerged that should open up the case.

She alleges that not only was the river's current not strong enough to transport her mother’s body 30 miles, but that her private pathologists found JoAnn died from a “dry drowning”. This means there was no water in her lungs when her body was found, indicating her breathing was affected before she entered the water.

An autopsy commissioned by Michelle also found bruises on her mother’s body, indicating a struggle before JoAnn's death.

Death Row Fugitive understands this Unsolved Mysteries instalment will tell the tale of Lester Eubanks.

In 1965, Eubanks was convicted of murdering 14-year-old Mary Ellen Deener. Although serving time on death row for several years, he escaped police custody in 1975 and has been on the run ever since.

Tsunami Spirits

As hinted at in the series trailer, Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2 will delve into alleged ghost sightings in Ishinomaki, Japan following a devastating tsunami in 2011. has learned the episode will discuss exorcist Kansho Aizawa, who has reportedly seen undead spirits in the area. Aizawa has featured in many recent documentaries, including the paranormal film The Spiritual Idol (2019).

Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2 trailer

On Thursday 8th October, Netflix released a first glimpse of the new episodes. Among the anguished voiceovers, the new footage hints at a mysterious murder in Olso, a chilling Japanese ghost story and body being recovered from a landfill site.

The sneak peek ends with one voice ominously telling the audience, “Somebody out there knows something”.

How can viewers help?

Viewers of Unsolved Mysteries can send a tip to the show’s producers via the Unsolved Mysteries website.

Will there be a host for Volume 2?

No, just like Volume 1, Netflix’s Unsolved Mysteries will not feature a host.

This differs from older episodes of the documentary, which was notably fronted by the late Robert Stack.

1. Mystery on the rooftop - Rey Rivera

The first episode of the series looked at Rey Rivera, who was found dead in 2006.

His body was found in an abandoned room in the second-story annex of the Belvedere Hotel in Baltimore, and it was widely assumed he had fallen to his death.

However, his death ultimately remains unexplained as there were discussions as to whether it was suicide (as the police suggested) or whether he was killed.

One thing that really caught Unsolved Mysteries viewers' attention was Rey Rivera's note, a cryptic letter which could have many possible meanings, and so far hasn't been decoded.

2. 13 Minutes - Patrice Endres

In 2004, Patrice Endres vanished from her salon in the space of 13 minutes. A staggering 600 days after she went missing, her body was found.

There are multiple theories around what happened to Patrice Endres, and Unsolved Mysteries revealed the key bits of evidence they would like to help the police explain.

3. House of Terror - Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès

In 2011, a women and her four children were discovered under the family's home porch - the father of the family was considered to be the prime suspect, but he vanished and has never been found to this day.

The whereabouts of Xavier DuPont sparked worldwide debate as hundreds of new tips emerged pointing towards potential sightings.

4. No Ride Home - Alonzo Brooks

The story of Alonzo Brooks' death is the one Unsolved Mysteries case that has been reopened from this series, after the FBI announced they would offer a $100,000 reward for any credible information which would lead to an arrest.

The 23-year-old was found dead in a creek after attending a party. Some suspect his death to be a result of a hate crime, but no final decision was ever made.

5. Berkshires UFO

The Berkshires UFO sightings are some of the most famous extra-terrestrial accounts on record. Residents from across the Berkshire County, Massachusetts, recall similar and haunting experiences with UFOs on the night of 1st September 1969.

The events that took place that night have never been explained, but will some tips help residents get the answers they've waited so long for?

6. Missing Witness - Lena Chapin

The final episode of Unsolved Mysteries Volume One looks at the disappearance of Lena Chapin - a woman who claimed her mother killed her father.

Lena's sisters are desperate for answers as to her whereabouts, and some fresh evidence could finally give them the closure they need.


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