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Unsolved Mysteries boss shares details of "unusual" upcoming episode

Fans of the Netflix show can expect an “unusual ghost” mystery in a new episode

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Published: Saturday, 11th July 2020 at 1:28 pm

Binged on Unsolved Mysteries yet? You should have: viewers across the globe have been fixated by the cases presented by the Netflix show’s first six episodes. And another six are on the way.


Although the streaming service hasn’t announced exactly when the second batch of mysteries will be released, showrunner Terry Dunn Meurer has dropped some hints of what to expect.

Saying new episodes will drop “sometime later this year”, Meurer told Variety that the show will delve into another paranormal mystery. When asked if viewers will see a ghost story, he replied: “Yes. But I’ll qualify that and say it’s an unusual ghost episode. That’s all I’ll say. It’s different. A bit different.”

Armchair sleuths can also expect another two episodes set outside the US, according to Meurer.

Alongside talking teasers for new episodes, Meurer offered an update on current cases, revealing the show’s website ( had received over 2,000 tips and comments.

“There’s a team of about five, six people on different shifts so that we have somebody on the website all the time, going through the tips,” he said.

Meurer also revealed that they’d received the most messages in regards to the mysterious death of Alonzo Brooks. “There are some new names that have come in and that we forwarded onto the FBI,” he said.

“We just got a tip from an entomologist. She was looking at these photos of Alonzo’s clothing and there were maggots on that clothing. She said those maggots often can tell a story of how long that body had been exposed.

“We passed that on to the FBI, and hopefully they have somebody in their system that could take a look at that.”

However, Meurer said the most useful tip the show has received addressed the disappearance of Xavier Dupont, who is a prime murder suspect.

“Somebody was actually in Chicago, I think they were on Lake Shore Drive, and they heard this guy talking French and they looked at him and they had just seen the episode. They sent us a photo, and it really did look like Xavier. It was striking. So we sent that tip on,” Meurer said.

“With Netflix’s global reach, if Xavier is going to be found, we’re really hoping that the Netflix audience will find him,” he added.

If Dupont is caught, it wouldn’t be the first case that Unsolved Mysteries has closed. The show, a reboot of the ‘90s classic crime docu-series, helped police identify two teens behind an arson in 1990.

Netflix recently released a batch of unseen interviews and video clips from the show on Reddit.

This evidence has pointed to several new theories, most notably the idea that Rey Rivera was “dropped from a helicopter” into a Baltimore hotel.


Unsolved Mysteries is now available to watch on Netflix. Check out our lists of the best TV shows on Netflix and the best movies on Netflix, or see what else is on with our TV Guide.


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