Netflix has released a trailer for Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2 with a whole heap of intriguing fragments, alarming details and anguished voiceovers.


Volume 2 is landing on the streaming network on Monday 19th October and this is the first teaser for what to expect as the true crime series returns six months after Volume 1 premiered in May and instantly became a global success as it spotlit cold cases and the unsolved mysteries of the title.

With no official details from Netflix on what to expect, let's try and crack the code for Volume 2 based on the contents of the trailer. The episode titles are telling in their own way.

Tsunami Spirits

The ghostly Japanese mystery opens with a Buddhist monk, who says: "Japanese people don't separate the dead from the living."

Then it cuts to a woman eating alone at home. A train whistle blows and she feels a presence, then looks behind her and a child's train set lights up.

It seems clear she has lost a child, especially when she's in bed and there's a silhouette of a child at her window... holding an adult's hand.

A Death in Oslo

A male voice narrates a montage of images including a woman's body on a hotel bed and a man at a grave, who we assume is the man speaking.

"Why is it important to find out why a person died nearly 25 years ago? People die all the time. I think her family deserves to know what happened to her."

The other episode titles tell their own tales: Stolen Kids; Lady in the Lake; Washington Insider Murder; and Death Row Fugitive.

The snippets of voiceover build expectation around the new season.

"You want answers but you don't have any," says a woman on camera.

A separate picture of different woman is accompanied by a voiceover: "We just had no idea where she could be.... She had vanished."

The trailer ends with the classic line, which sounds like the mission statement for Unsolved Mysteries: "Somebody out there knows something."

Will any of these episodes finally give answers? There's already been a number of Unsolved Mysteries solved cases.

Executive producer Terry Dunn Meurer told Variety earlier in the year that Volume 2 would include two more international stories and a story that invokes ghosts – and the two categories might be connected.

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