Strange Unsolved Mysteries footage shows Jack Wheeler looking disorientated days before his death

CCTV footage captured days before Wheeler's body was found shows the former Presidential aide wandering around a carpark.

Jack Wheeler

Volume Two of Unsolved Mysteries landed on Netflix today and fans haven’t wasted time delving into the season’s first episode, Washington Insider Murder, which looks into the strange death of former presidential aide Jack Wheeler – formerly known as John P Wheeler III – in December 2010.


While the episode explores the murder of Wheeler, whose body was found in a landfill on 31st December 2010, and shows surveillance footage of the veteran shortly before his death, there’s one video in particular which many Unsolved Mysteries fans are bound to find intriguing from the episode

In CCTV footage taken from a parking garage in Wilmington, Delaware two days before the 66-year-old was found dead, a seemingly disorientated Wheeler is seen wandering up and down a hallway whilst carrying one ripped shoe.

According to The Washington Post, Wheeler told the parking attendant that he just wanted to warm up before paying his parking fee, that his briefcase had been stolen and that he was not intoxicated before attempting to access the car park on foot – however, police later discovered that his car was parked in a different garage.

The video, which features in the episode of Unsolved Mysteries, shows Wheeler walking off into another hallway of the carpark, shutting a door and waving his arms in the air before stepping into a lift.

Iman Goldsborough, a parking-lot attendant who spoke to Wheeler on 29th December, said of the encounter :”I knew something wasn’t right, but I never thought it would end up like this.”

The US military expert was found dead two days later, with the state medical examiner’s office recorded the cause of death as assault and blunt force trauma.

Wheeler was last seen on 29th December, when he asked pharmacist Murali Gouro in New Castle for a lift to Wilmington. According to Associated Press (via Fox News), Gouro said that Wheeler looked upset and that he offered to all him a cab, but the former presidential aide refused and left.

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