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Unsolved Mysteries boss confirms plans to update fans on breaks in cases

Viewers will be kept updated about changes to each case, says the show's co-creator Terry Dunn Meurer.

Xavier Dupont De Ligonnes and his son
Published: Monday, 20th July 2020 at 4:46 pm

Netflix's reboot of Unsolved Mysteries has got fans well and truly hooked since it dropped on the streaming site on 1st July.


Viewers have turned into armchair detectives, assessing clues that are already out there and coming up with theories of their own which they can send in to the show to help with solving the cold cases.

With the producers receiving new tips daily, the show's co-creator Terry Dunn Meurer has now shared plans to update fans on breaks in cases.

So, how exactly will viewers know if Xavier Dupont de Ligonnes has indeed been found, or if the mystery of what happened toRey Rivera is ever solved?

In the original series which ran on NBC and CBS from 1987 to 1999, viewers were often updated on cases in the following episodes.

Unsolved Mysteries – Xavier DuPont
Unsolved Mysteries – Xavier DuPont Netflix

However, the streaming element of the Netflix show has challenged this for the new series. As a result, Meurer says they plan to share any updates on the cases on social media.

Speaking in an interview, she explained: "The news is going to hear about them sooner than anyone. Sooner than we could get an update out there."

She continued: "With broadcast, we would air a story and sometimes it would get solved that night and then two weeks later we would produce a quick update with new information.

"But we were broadcasting 22, 24 shows per year, so we could kind of get a cadence going with that. In this case, if we were to put an update at the end of the episode, we would have to ask the audience to go back and re-stream that episode or else fast-forward to the end."

Alonzo Brooks and his mother Maria
Alonzo Brooks and his mother Maria Netflix

Since Unsolved Mysteries was dropped on Netflix at the start of July, producers have received 20 credible tips surrounding the cases looked at in the show, The Chicago Sun Times reports.

Meurer recently revealed that a decades-old Unsolved Mysteries case was about to be solved.

She said the team had been working with a detective for a 30-year-old case in Idaho, aired on the original series, “that’s probably going to get solved in the next month or two”.

Speaking to Variety, Meurer said, “There was a young man who committed suicide in a church in Idaho. He’s a John Doe — he’s been a John Doe for 30 years. And the investigator in this police department of relatively new investigators decided he wanted to try and solve this case."


Unsolved Mysteries is available to stream on Netflix. To see what else is on, have a look at our TV Guide.


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