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"Hope" of solving Xavier Dupont case after hundreds of reported sightings, Unsolved Mysteries director says

Unsolved Mysteries' House of Terror director Clay Jeter spoke about "hopes" the Xavier Dupont case will be solved.

Xavier Dupont, subject of Unsolved Mysteries
Published: Sunday, 2nd August 2020 at 1:30 pm

Following the success of Netflix's reboot of Unsolved Mysteries, director Clay Jeter, who took the helm on the House of Terror episode, centred around the Xavier Dupont case and the deaths of his four children and wife in 2011, appeared on Netflix's You Can't Make This Up podcast to address questions and theories surrounding the mystery.


Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès is the main suspect in the murders of his family after the bodies of his wife and children were discovered under the porch of their home in Nantes, France in 2011.

The aristocrat is the subject of an international arrest warrant, having disappeared after his family were killed.

During the recent interview, Unsolved Mysteries director Jeter was asked about the widespread intrigue in the Dupont case and whether he believed - after numerous reported sightings over the years hadn't panning out - that the Frenchman would ever be found.

"Absolutely I have hope," he replied. "When this [case] came to light in 2011 it was a phenomenon. People obsessed over this case - in France and beyond. It just exploded.

"I think they have documented 800 to 900 reported sightings of Xavier in the past decade, so not just once or twice," he explained.

"This is on people's minds. They are seeing Xavier everywhere. I have to hope that it's still possible because that's what motivates the producers of this show and they used it to motivate me."

Jeter also highlighted the reach a platform like Netflix has and the potential it provides in sourcing leads: "Now, looking at Netflix and the reach Netflix has is so vast; it goes out all around the world. So, we will see."


Previously, producer Terry Dunn Meurer revealed Xavier had been "spotted" in Chicago.

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