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Unusual occurrence days before Rey Rivera’s disappearance could help solve Unsolved Mysteries case

The finance writer was approached by two mysterious men a week before his death.

Rey Rivera
Published: Sunday, 26th July 2020 at 1:30 pm

Was Rey Rivera pushed from a helicopter to his death in 2006? What’s the significance of Rey River'as note hidden behind his computer? And why was he carrying that penny when he died?


Those are just some of the questions Unsolved Mysteries fans have been trying to answer to work out exactly what happened to Rey Rivera.

However, just in case the mysterious murder wasn’t complicated enough, Terry Dunn Meurer, showrunner of the Netflix true-crime series, has now unveiled new evidence in the case.

Speaking on Netflix’s You Can’t Make This Up podcast, Meurer revealed that Rivera was very concerned about his safety in the two weeks before his disappearance on 16th May 2006.

The showrunner pointed to one example in particular that revealed the apparent danger to him.

“There was an incident that happened about a week before Rey disappeared. Alison was training for a triathlon and she wanted to go to the local track and do some sprints. Normally she would just go by herself – Rey was working on a deadline for his project. But he insisted on going with her this day,” Meurer said.

“It was raining, so there was not a lot of people on the track. But there were two guys that came up on the track and when that happened Rey came flying out of the car, according to Alison, and seemed unusually concerned.”

The body of Rivera, a 32-year-old finance writer, was found decomposing under a hole in a Baltimore hotel abandoned second-story room. Although police later ruled the death as a suicide, it’s been a source of speculation for fans of the Netflix series.


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