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Unsolved Mysteries boss reveals Rey Rivera's wife's insights into impenetrable note

Co-creator Terry Dunn Meurer has spoken out about Allison Rivera's thoughts on her husband's "baffling" note.

Rey Rivera Unsolved Mysteries
Published: Tuesday, 21st July 2020 at 4:39 pm

Fans of Unsolved Mysteries have been gripped by the episode exploring what happened Rey Rivera, who was found dead in 2006 after seemingly falling through the Baltimore Belvedere Hotel's roof and into an abandoned room, and the cryptic note he left behind.


Now the series' co-creator, Terry Dunn Meurer, has revealed what Rivera's widow Allison, who appeared in episode one, thought about Rey Rivera's note.

Speaking to Nerdist, Meurer said the case is "probably one of the strongest mysteries" they've ever produced.

“The whole thing is baffling,” Meurer said of the note. “Allison, who knew Rey and knows that note better than anyone, said to me, ‘I know where each of those pieces of that note comes from. What I don’t understand is why they’re all put together in this letter form.’ So if Allison can’t figure it out, and the FBI can’t figure it out, I wouldn’t even venture a guess.”

The note, found taped to the back of Rey Rivera's computer, was addressed to "Brothers and Sisters" and filled with references to Freemasonry, including the secret society's motto: 'Whom virtue unites, death will not separate".

Also mentioned in the note was a list of people Rivera knew and a variety of films connected to Free Masons and secret society's, such as Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut.

Meurer said that Allison Rivera believes that Rey's interest in Freemasonry, which saw him both purchase a book titled Freemasons for Dummies and visit a Masonic temple on the day of his disappearance, was all research for a screenplay he was working on.

“There’s been speculation that it’s a suicide note,” Meurer added. "But Allison does not believe that. She believes if he was going to kill himself, he would have left a note for [her] and for the family explaining why and what was going on. It’s rare that somebody that commits suicide doesn’t leave a note or people didn’t see it coming.

"There are often incidents prior where people can say, ‘Oh, I could kind of see where that was coming up.’ That’s Allison’s belief. She also said, ‘Because Rey was a writer, he would have left a beautiful note. He’s a really, really good writer. We believe he would have.’”

“I circled it constantly, just like we’re circling it now,” she said. “I can’t stop trying to figure out this mystery.”

Earlier this month, Meurer spoke out about a fan theory which linked Rey's death to the David Fincher film The Game, which he also referenced in his note and features a main character who jumps from the roof of a build through a glass ceiling.

Meurer said that Allison did not place any significance on the reference, as "Rey liked a lot of different types of movies".


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