Netflix's Unsolved Mysteries reboot has proved immensely popular since landing on the platform in July, with viewers taking to social media in search of clues about the mysterious cases.

One case in particular which has captured subscribers' attentions is that of Patrice Endres, who disappeared from her salon in 2004 in the space of "13 minutes" according to police, with her skeletal remains being found 600 days later.

The episode's director Jimmy Goldblum has recently spoken about Patrice's skeletal remains, hinting at potential clues from the medical examiner's report.

Speaking to the podcast You Can't Make This Up, he said that forensic investigators found almost all of Patrice's bones behind the Lebanon Baptist Church in Dawson County.

Responding to question about whether the medical examiner analysed Patrice's remains and whether there was information about her killing from the reporter that police are holding back, Goldblum said: "So Mitch Posey [the investigator] said the human body has 206 bones and the forensic investigators walked out of the woods behind Zion church with almost all of them."

He continued: "So you can't say for sure but the likelihood is that the missing bones were taken by animals, but Patrice had dental work done on her teeth and it was actually through studying the bridge on her teeth and the skeleton that they were able to identify her."

"So that said, what I imagine you're asking was implied in that question, was there any blunt force trauma or anything out of the ordinary with the skeleton? And I think unfortunately I'll have to let that remain a mystery."

The remains of Patrice's body were found without her wedding ring, which was never recovered.

In the same interview, Goldblum also revealed that he believes the "key" to finding Patrice's murderer is the blue Chevy Lumina spotted outside Patrice's salon on the day of her disappearance, and spoke about his thoughts on Patrice's husband Rob's strange behaviour on the show.

Commenting on the fact that Rob Endres changed the locks on his home within 24 hours of Patrice's disappearance, he said: “I think in that point in the case, you have police dogs out, you have the town going through the woods, you have ATVs. So everyone is searching. There’s still the idea that Patrice could come back, so the fact that he felt comfortable to change those locks within the 24-hour window, when the whole town was under the belief that she was missing and still alive. I will say in terms of things that stoked my imagination on set, that was a major one."

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While Patrice's murderer is still unknown, two separate serial killers – Jeremy Brian Jones and Gary Michael Hilton – have been suspected of murdering her, but authorities determined that neither men were the likely to have killed Patrice.

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