Ever since Netflix's reboot of Unsolved Mysteries dropped on July 1st, fans have been going wild.


The huge interest has led to the streaming site later releasing a document containing unseen footage and clips on each episode, including the case of Patrice Endres.

In 2004, Patrice disappeared from her salon in the space of what the police believe to be “13 minutes”.

However, 600 days later, skeletal remains were found behind Lebanon Baptist Church in Dawson County and they were later identified as Patrice’s.

The show's director Jimmy Goldblum has shared new details on Patrice's death, and says there's one "key" to solving it completely.

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Speaking on the podcast You Can't Make This Up, he said the blue Chevy Lumina, which two witnesses claimed to have seen outside Patrice's salon on the day of her disappearance, is the "key" to solving the case.

He explained: "I just hope that Cosgrove has got really good servers for unsolved.com because I think they will be inundated with this show. Internet sleuthing wasn't a thing when the original Unsolved Mysteries was on air, so I just have a feeling that this episode is going to get picked apart.

"One thing I realised on the set that the blue Chevy Lumina, I don't know the degree to which that part of the case was investigated at the time. I think it was something that emerged a little bit later and I'm really really hopeful that people in Dawson County or any of these surrounding areas are going to see the episode and think about that Chevy Lumina and this could lead us to a place that this could be potentially be solved."

In the 16 years since Patrice’s death, two separate serial killers, Jeremy Brian Jones and Gary Michael Hilton, have been suspected in her death, with Jones even confessing to her murder.

However, it was determined by authorities that neither men likely killed Patrice.

Viewers have also accused Patrice's husband Rob, however, he has been investigated and is innocent.

Patrice Unsolved Mysteries Chevy
Two witnesses spotted a blue Chevy Lumina outside Patrice's salon Netflix

Despite the false confessions, and allegations against Rob, Goldblum believes the blue Chevy (Chevrolet) Lumina is the only answer to solving Patrice's case.

He said: "I really do think that is the key to the case, the fact that two independent witnesses both saw basically the same car around the same time. I just think everything is right there.

As much as we can talk about Jeremy Jones and Gary Hilton or rob even, I think that car is the thing that will get the police and the investigators where they need to go in order to solve this thing."

Rob did catch Goldblum's attention during the investigation.

In the episode, the widow - who is 20 years older than Patrice - revealed he changed the locks on their home within 24 hours of her disappearance – something that "stoked" Goldblum’s imagination.

Goldblum said: “I think there’s a really salient point there, which is that he did it within 24 hours.I think in that point in the case, you have police dogs out, you have the town going through the woods, you have ATVs. So everyone is searching.

"There’s still the idea that Patrice could come back, so the fact that he felt comfortable to change those locks within the 24-hour window, when the whole town was under the belief that she was missing and still alive. I will say in terms of things that stoked my imagination on set, that was a major one.”


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