Georgia Tennant, star of Doctor Who and Staged, has teased that she has a "hugely" exciting, and somewhat secretive new role in the pipeline.


Speaking with Country & Town House about the third season of Staged, Tennant was asked whether she had any upcoming roles she was excited about, to which she said: "Yes, hugely. But I have just had a text from my agent saying I am not allowed to talk about it!"

When the interviewer asked again whether Tennant has "anything fun in the pipeline – professionally or personally?", she reiterated: "Totally! But I just got another text; I am not allowed to talk about it."

This comes as the third season of Staged finishes airing on BBC One next week, after an initial BritBox debut last year and arriving on BBC iPlayer earlier this month.

David Tennant, Michael Sheen, Georgia Tennant and Anna Lundberg in Staged season 3
David Tennant, Michael Sheen, Georgia Tennant and Anna Lundberg in Staged season 3. BBC/Staged Films Ltd/Paul Stephenson

In the same interview, Tennant was also asked for her favourite project to date, to which she said: "I think to be honest, Staged has been the most important thing I’ve been involved in. Certainly the thing I’ve been most involved in.

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"I have a screenshot on my phone of the message from Phin on day three of lockdown asking if he could call as he had an idea. From there, the whole thing happened very fast and with a very small group at its core. To go from that text to promoting the third season of a show on the BBC feels like a bit of a once in a lifetime thing. I’m hugely proud of it."

Neil Gaiman revealed back in May that Tennant also nearly appeared alongside her husband David in the second season of Good Omens, which will soon be arriving on Prime Video.

Gaiman said that Tennant was offered a part but didn’t take it "for reasons that reflect incredibly well on her".

He explained: "She did some research into history as she would have been playing a historical person, and told us that the part should go to an actress much older than herself. And we did the same research she did and realised that she was right."

Gaiman went on to say that if the show continues, then he would "love" to cast both Tennant and her Staged co-star Anna Lundberg, partner of Michael Sheen, in a season 3.

Staged season 3 is now available on BBC iPlayer. Check out more of our Comedy coverage or visit our TV Guide and Streaming Guide to find out what's on.

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