Will iPhone 12 be released today? When to expect the new Apple phone

The Apple Event is traditionally when we get to see the latest products, but is iPhone 12 one of them?

Apple Time Flies Event

The Apple Event is being held this evening meaning we’re set to get a look at the latest products from the tech giant, the question is will iPhone 12 be on the roster.


Well, the short answer is it doesn’t look like it.

At the September Apple Event the company traditionally announces the new iPhone along with other products like the Apple Watch or iPad.

The name of the event Time Flies suggests the big ticket is the watch.

Apple has already said the iPhone 12 is delayed a few weeks thanks to the pandemic and lockdown casting doubt on the announcement date.

With the release date being pushed back, Apple fans have questioned when the launch will actually be.

With the news, it does seem evident that we won’t get an iPhone 12 release date announcement today or pre-orders.

It also means you’ll have to wait a little longer to get your hands on one, with the launch delayed the sales will be too. Sales normally start about a week and a half after the launch.

The news of the delay came from a shareholders call so can be trusted.

Having said that, Apple holding an event with no iPhone news seems unlikely – expect at least a nod to an announcement.

Other rumours around the Apple Event include the launch of iOS 14, the operating system for the new phones. So not all is lost!

You also most likely have the iPad Air 4, iPad 8, Apple Watch 6, Apple Watch SE and perhaps the Apple AirTags as the surprise.

It doesn’t seem likely it’ll happen at this event but AirPods 3.


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