Your gaming den is about to get a lot cooler (pun very much intended) because pre-orders began today for the Xbox Series X mini-fridge. Stock levels already seem to be an issue in the UK and beyond, though.


Inspired by all the memes that compared the Xbox Series X design to that of a fridge, Microsoft has gone ahead and actually made a mini-fridge version of the console. You can't play games on it, but you can use it to cool some beers (or whatever you want).

If you're wondering where to buy the Xbox Series X mini-fridge, how much it costs, and when it will actually release, keep on reading for all the key details.

When is the Xbox mini-fridge release date?

The Xbox mini-fridge release date will take place in December 2021, Microsoft has confirmed on the official Xbox Wire blog post. We don't know the precise day of the month yet, but it probably won't be long before we do.

Can you pre-order the Xbox mini-fridge?

Pre-orders for the Xbox mini-fridge began on Tuesday 19th October 2021 - that's today, fact fans - with a select number of retailers listing the product.

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Here in the UK, GAME is the exclusive stockist of the Xbox mini-fridge - you can click here to visit their product page, but it looks like stock has already run out! Who knew that buying a fridge would be just a tricky as finding PS5 stock?

In the rest of Europe, Game Stop EU, Micromania and Toynk will be the retailers of choice for the Xbox mini-fridge. And in the USA and Canada, you will be able to buy your Xbox mini-fridge from Target. Again, though, we're finding it hard to find stock on any of those websites.

Where is the Xbox mini-fridge in stock?

At the moment, we can't see the Xbox mini-fridge in stock anywhere. The UK retailer GAME has said on its website, "Sorry, this product is currently out of stock, but might be available in store."

Seeing as this is a pre-order product, though, we'd be very surprised if you spotted an Xbox mini-fridge in a brick and mortar store. We'll keep our eye on stock levels and update this article if we see the Xbox mini-fridge pop up anywhere.

Sadly, it comes as no surprise that some people have already put their Xbox mini-fridges on eBay, where this novelty product is currently being sold at inflated prices. We'd recommend holding out for Microsoft to release more stock through its chosen retailers.

How much is the Xbox mini-fridge price?

Here in the UK, the Xbox mini-fridge price will be £89.99 GBP. In Europe, you'll be looking at €99 Euros. And in the USA, the price will be $99.99 USD. Basically, it's just shy of a hundred bucks wherever you are in the world. If you're lucky enough to find one in stock, that is.

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