Bethesda’s massive open-world space exploration RPG Starfield will be filled with Easter Eggs, and eagle-eyed fans have already spotted a number of them before the game has even released.


The game is sure to be home to references aplenty lifted from other Bethesda titles, sci-fi films, and real-world events.

Yes, the Adoring Fan is back. You don’t have to worry about the blonde dude as he’s made his way up into space.

If you’re after some Starfield Easter Eggs, you’re in the right place. We’ve scoured the universe to find out what has already been spotted and you can check them all out below.

What Starfield Easter Eggs have already been spotted?

Despite the game not being out for a couple of months, the most eagle-eyed fans have spotted a number of Easter Eggs in Starfield already. We’ll add newly discovered Starfield Easter Eggs to this page as more are noticed. Here’s what’s been found so far:

The Adoring Fan

Returning from Oblivion and Elder Scrolls Legends, the Adoring Fan is back, and this time the blonde chap is in space. To make this an even better Easter Egg, the Adoring Fan is even voiced by the same voice actor as he was in Oblivion. You should spot him and his 4K makeover in New Atlantis.

Curiosity Rover

NASA’s Curiosity Rover has been spotted in a gameplay trailer for Starfield. You should spot it at the Constellation Headquarters in-game as it appears to have been recommissioned by the corporation.

Planets named after real-life astronauts

A number of planets in Starfield appear to have been named after real-life astronauts. These include Chawla, Gargarin, Jemison, and Olivas. A neat little nod to the real-life space missions that obviously played a large role in inspiration for Bethesda’s latest.

Space Rock

Anyone who’s played enough of Skyrim will instantly recognise the infamous angular faces of the Meridia’s Beacon quest item. A new hand has touched the space rock, and a Starfield fan on Reddit instantly recognised the desk item in a Starfield trailer. The space rock in Starfield and Meridia’s Beacon do look remarkably similar.


A Starfield fan on Reddit has spotted Nirnroot from Skyrim in the Starfield Direct.

Vin Diesel lookalike?

The same fan who clocked the Nirnroot appearance also spotted what they believe to be a nod to Fast and Furious actor Vin Diesel during the Starfield Direct.

Potential Elder Scrolls 6 map

This one’s a bit out there, but one fan took to Reddit to detail how they think they have found a potential nod to The Elder Scrolls 6 on the control panel of a ship in the Starfield teaser trailer from 2021.

Squint and you might just see an etching of the High Rock and Iliac Bay portion of the Elder Scrolls map, which is thought to be part of the Elder Scrolls 6 setting.

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