With every passing day, the buzz surrounding Starfield grows more and more, and for good reason – it’s the first mainline Bethesda game since 2015's Fallout 4, and fans of the developer have been desperate for something new. To capitalise on this, there is the very swanky Special Edition, and to help you get your mitts on it, we have everything you need to know about the Starfield Constellation Edition price, watch and availability.


Bethesda is well known for its extravagant special editions. The Fallout 4 collectors edition had a fully-fledged Pip-Boy in it, which you could put your phone into with a companion app that allowed you to manipulate the Pip-Boy in-game for a really nifty second-screen experience.

With all that said, and shoppers racing to get their hands on the Starfield Constellation Edition, we shan’t dilly dally, as the stock situation could change at any second. Read on to get all the information you need! If you aren’t able to pick up a Constellation Edition, maybe you could get your hands on a potential collectors edition of The Elder Scrolls 6.

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What’s the Starfield Constellation Edition price?

The Starfield Constellation Edition price is £249.99. A pretty penny indeed, but you’re getting quite the collection of goodies.

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Whilst £249.99 is certainly not cheap, it’s but a mere drop in the ocean compared to the most expensive special edition of all time - the Saints Row 4 Super Dangerous Wad Wad Edition, which set you back a cool one million dollars.

This landed you a literal trip to space (perhaps Starfield has missed something here), a hostage rescue experience, plastic surgery and a Lamborgini but to name a few of the “bundled extras”, if you will. It may or may not surprise you to hear that no one knows if anyone actually bought it, but developers Deep Silver were very serious.

What comes with the Starfield Constellation Edition?

It would be easier to say what doesn’t come with the Starfield Constellation Edition, as it is full to the brim of extras.

Firstly, there is of course the game, which comes with an etched credit-stick with a code to download the game through either Steam or on your Xbox. Additionally, there is a display case from SteelBook that will sit proudly amongst your collection.

Upfront and centre, however, is the Starfield Chronomark LPV6 watch and case. The LPV6 is a replica of the watch you can wear in the game that provides information such as the moon phase, barometric readings and ambient temperature. When paired with your phone, it provides even more information that will display on the watch face.

The case it comes in is a suitably industrious hardshell, harkening back to the golden age of NASA with big chunky clips and retrofuturism up to your eyeballs.

You will also get the Shattered Space Story Expansion upon release for even more space-faring shenanigans.

To get ahead of everyone else, you’ll be in for early access up to 5 days ahead of launch. This is met with an asterisk, so it is of course subject to change and the state of the game.

The Constellation Skin Pack will ensure you’re looking as snazzy as possible for galactic adventures, featuring the Equinix Laser Rifle, Spacesuit, Helmet and Boost Pack.

A digital artbook and soundtrack will also be available for you to enjoy the sights and the sounds of the game, if and when you find any time when you’re not glued to your screen during your 200th hour of gameplay.

There’s also a Constellation patch to affix to anything you’d like. You could display it proudly on your sleeve to let the other commuters on the bus know that you don’t just take public transport – you take space transport too.

Lastly, pre-ordering any version grants you the Old Mars Skin Pack, which includes a laser cutter, deep mining helmet and deep mining pack.

Is the Starfield Constellation Edition sold out?

The Starfield Constellation Edition is not sold out. You can buy the PC version and the Xbox version from GAME to secure your copy now, lest there aren’t any closer to launch and the hype train abounds.

It is currently only available from GAME in the UK, so it’s best to act quickly as all prospective Starfield collectors will all be headed to the same place.

The Constellation Edition is sold out in the US on Bethesda’s website if that is any indication of how fast they are moving. Time will only tell how expensive it might get if and when they are completely sold out.

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