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How to get James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 in Rocket League

A car that can be best described as 00 heaven.

aston martin rocket league

There are many games out there now that are perfect to ‘pick up and play’ and one of the best out there for short burst gameplay is Rocket League – a game that combines fast cars and football and yet somehow makes it work.


One of the many draws of the game is the wide variety of vehicles you can get for it with many well-known cars from the entertainment world now appearing in the game and recent additions have included the Dolorean from Back to the Future.

But while we all wait for the inevitable next delay of No Time to Die (how many times has it been pushed back now?) Rocket League is giving us our James Bond fix by adding his classic and iconic Aston Martin to the matches and here is all you need to know about getting hold of it.

Ok, so it will cost you if you want the car – it is available in the store for 1100 credits, but you will get 007’s Aston Martin DB5 Wheels to equip on it when you buy it. The Aston Martin is the first car of many that are on the way for the James Bond Crossover that is set to run until No Time to Die is released in late September.

Whether you buy it or not is of course up to you, but it would be hard to look cooler scoring a goal in Rocket League than doing it in an Aston Martin.

Check out the car for yourself in this glorious looking trailer for it!

The Aston Martin is the next in a long line of cars that have been added and to namedrop just a few, you can drive out in ones from Gears of War, Batman and Halo amongst many others!

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