In the UK it may feel like summer has barely begun considering the amount of rain we have had, but Fortnite’s summer event, All Sweat Summer, is in full swing.


The game runs a summer event each year while the team at Epic Games go on their much-needed holidays, and there are always plenty of rewards up for grabs.

2024’s edition began on 4th July, so if you are just diving in, you haven’t missed much.

Completing all the tasks in this event will give players extra gifts such as a glider, back bling and a wrap.

All Summer Sweat was announced in a post on social media site X on its launch day, with many of the comments below criticising the game’s summer event for a lack of effort.

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Anyway, without further ado, let’s take a look at when All Sweat Summer is due to end and what exactly is included in it. Plenty of sunshine, we hope.

When does the Fortnite summer event end?

Fortnite’s summer event, titled All Sweat Summer, does not currently have a confirmed end date.

However, a Pirates of the Caribbean collaboration is due to start within the game on Friday 19th July 2024, and so it would be a fair assumption that All Summer Sweat will finish around the same time.

Alternatively, it may run until the end of the current Fortnite season, with the next update, Chapter 5 Season 4, due to begin on 16th August 2024. As soon as we have more concrete information, we will update this page.

What's included in the Fortnite summer event?

There are a ton of different tasks to take on in Fortnite’s All Sweat Summer event, and they are divided into three categories.

To make it easy for you, we have listed all of the objectives and rewards out below.

Sweat Drops Quests

Each completed objective will reward you with 25,000 XP here.

  • Win a Victory Royale - x1
  • Win a Crowded Victory Royale - x1
  • Slide kick a player - x1
  • Perform an emote within 15 metres of an enemy - x1
  • Capture the floating Loot Island - x1
  • Thank the Bus Driver in either Ranked or Reload - x1
  • Reach the Top 5 players - x1
  • Reach the Top 10 players - x1
  • Collect Medallions - x2
  • Reach the Top 25 players - x2
  • Secure Forecast data from a Forecast Tower - x2
  • Hit an enemy player with 3 different weapons - x3
  • Reach the Top 50 players in Zero Build - x3
  • Reach the Top 50 players in Battle Royale - x3
  • Damage different players in Ranked or Reload before they damage you - x5
  • Headshot players in either Ranked or Reloaded - x10
  • Survive Storm Circles after eliminating a player - x10
  • Break a sweat by frantically crouching 10 times in 25 seconds - x10
  • Sweat more by jumping 10 times within 20 seconds - x10
  • Eliminate players in either Ranked or Reload - x20
  • Collect bars from eliminated players in Ranked or Reload - 100
  • Damage players within 10 metres - 750
  • Damage players beyond 40 metres - 1,337

Tall Glass of Sweat Quests

Similarly to Sweat Drop Quests, the objectives in this list will also reward you with 25,000 XP for each one you tick off.

  • Eliminate 25 players
  • Eliminate 50 players
  • Eliminate 75 players
  • Eliminate 100 players
  • Eliminate 125 players

Bonus Buckets of Sweat Quests

This section will reward you with cosmetic items.

  • Complete 10 All Sweat Summer quests - Water Levels Wrap
  • Complete 15 All Sweat Summer quests - Summer Sail Shark Glider
  • Complete 20 All Sweat Summer quests - Deck Ducky Back Bling

And that is everything you need to know about Fortnite’s summer event! So it’s time to stop reading and head into the game to soak up some virtual sunshine!

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