Fortnite has kicked off Chapter 2 Season 6 in style, with the Zero Crisis Finale Event, brand new Fortnite skins, and a rather dramatic new Fornite map overhaul.


It's fitting, then, that one of the Week 1 challenges will see you exploring one of the new map landmarks - namely The Spire, the central tower that now contains the Zero Point.

There are three golden artifacts that need to be found around this landmark - though, weirdly, they don't all seem to be golden in colour - so see below for how to complete one of your very first challenges for season 6.

Where are the Golden Artifacts?

Firstly, you'll have to land at The Spire at the centre of the map - it's hard to miss! Just watch out for the Spire Guardian NPCs.

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Golden Artifact 1


The first article isn't actually on The Spire, but is found in a building just to the west of the landmark. The artifact is a small statue of Kit, and can be found should in the middle floor in one of the corners. It should be visible due to its bright blue glow.

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Golden Artifact 2

The second artifact can be found to the east of the Spire, next to some fruit stands about halfway up the village. You'll want to find the stands right up against the walls at the base of the spire, and the artifact will be a llama's head found in one of the stands with a red banner.

Golden Artifact 3


The third artifact is at a clearer location - it's at the north of the Spire right at the bottom of the stairs. However, it's sneakily hidden behind a wooden wall - you'll have to smash through it to claim your prize.

If you're still having trouble, you can check out this video below:

Completing this challenge will earn you 24K XP and is a rather fitting challenge that can be done while playing as the Tomb Raider herself Lara Croft. You can also see the Fornite season 6 patch notes to learn about the new animals and craftable weapons, including the return of the pump shotgun.

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