In Football Manager 23 you'll be spending hours upon hours looking at in-game menus when creating new tactics, signing players, and reading through your inbox (it's more thrilling than it sounds, promise).


You'll want to make sure that you're not always looking at a boring blank background and, thankfully, there are plenty of skins to choose from and download to make your time managing your chosen club as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

If you're looking to upgrade from the game's default skin (apologies if you like the default backgrounds), keep reading to see a few of the best skins in FM 23.

How to change FM 23 skin

Before we tell you how to change to custom skins, there is one issue we should flag: fans of previous Football Manager titles will no doubt be aware of the infamous “Crash Dump Error” that occurs from time to time.

Unfortunately, custom skins can play a big part in this because they’re not frequently updated (like the default ones are). If this is a risk that doesn’t bother you, and you still fancy those glistening custom skins, read on!

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The process of downloading and applying the new skins is relatively simple. To start, download the skin from the source of your choice, then extract the file using Winrar, before pasting the skin in the “Sports Interactive - Football Manager - Skins” folder which you should be able to locate using Finder. Once it’s in there, make sure to enable the skin in the game by accessing the advanced preferences menu.

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The best FM 23 skins

Now you know what you’re doing, we’ll cover some of the custom skins available. If you find you don’t like any of them, remember you can go back to the default whenever you want to. It’s not a tattoo, it’s completely reversible.

Stato Skin

Football Skin1

Created by Ian Mills, this is an adaptation of their previous skin (from Football Manager 22). It’s been polished, and features nice background images for certain pages.

If this skin takes your fancy, fair enough! What are you waiting for? You can download it here.

Dark Skin

Football skin2

The “dark mode” option is available for most apps, here it’s available for Football Manager. A very popular aesthetic, however simple.

Like what you see? You can download the Dark Skin here.

Electric Panther

Football Manager 23 skins electric panther

Another dark skin but with a pleasing purple and blue colour scheme. You'll see player photos in team selection and nice chunky scorelines during matches at the top of the screen.

You can download Electric Panther here.


Narigon skin

This one is more about pragmatism rather than aesthetics. Created from the Base23 Skin, it puts a bigger emphasis on the information and data in the panels.

We recommend choosing this one if reading the default (or any of the other custom) skins is giving you a headache. If you want to try out the Narigon skin, you can download it at this link.

This concludes our list, but there are plenty of other skins out there to be found! Just be wary of the in-game risks. We hate to see the perfect game compromised by a crash dump error.

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