Throughout your time in Dead Island 2, you’ll happen across many a locked door. This includes the locked master bedroom in the Goat Pen (an influencer mansion in the Bel-Air region of the map). You’ll need to pick up the Goat Pen master keys to open a few locked doors here.


You won’t find the master keys on your first visit to the mansion. Instead, they can be located when you return during a side quest.

It’ll be worth the effort to find the master keys as doing so will allow you to fully explore the YouTuber’s mansion and unlock some goodies, including a new weapon blueprint.

Keep on reading to find out how to get the Dead Island 2 Goat Pen master keys and where to find the weapon blueprint.

How to get Goat Pen Master Keys in Dead Island 2

To find the Goat Pen master keys in Dead Island 2, you need to head to the Bel-Air influencer mansion during the Creature Comforts side quest. Curtis Sinclair will give you this side quest once you have completed his previous Death of the Party side quest.

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Once the Creature Comforts side quest is activated, head back to the Goat Pen in Bel-Air on Alpine Drive. Once inside, you will eventually head to the master bedroom, where you’ll find the cigars that Curtis has asked for.

The master bedroom is locked, and you need the master keys to get in. Strangely enough, the master keys are inside the locked master bedroom. Time to find another entrance. Fortunately, there are a couple of ways to get inside the master bedroom without the key.

You’ll need to head to the balcony with a pool to get in. This is to the right of the locked master bedroom doors. Once on the balcony, you should spot the back of the master bedroom and a window to smash. Smash the window and jump in across the gap.

Once inside, you’ll need to clear the room of zombies. Smack the alarm off the wall to make things easier. Now you’ve fought off the zombies, you can pick up the master keys.

You’ll spot the Goat Pen master keys on the bedside chest of drawers. You can now use them to unlock the door, making it much easier to come in and out of this room in future.

You should also find the new weapon blueprint in the master bedroom once it's cleared of the zombie swarm.

You can also enter the bedroom by heading to the roof around the back and dropping down to a level where you won’t have to jump across from the pool. However, it’s best to go the pool route as it’s the easiest to remember.

For some more tips on the game, check out our video below.

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