As with the rest of the series, levelling up in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is a bit of a grind. For some games, grinding is a fun and addictive loop - for CoD, not so much.

However, as if they're aware of this, Activision and Infinity Ward give us the occasional double XP weekend to hurry the process along.

These weekends are ideal if you've been slogging away at the game, hoping to get to that higher level. With double XP, we needn't tell you that it will take half the time to level up, and get all the benefits associated with it.

What's great is, the previously rumoured weekend now has an official date. We'll share below when it's going to be - you'll not want to miss it! Also, there will be a period when you can play MW2 online for free, so keep reading to find out about that, too.

When is the next double XP weekend in MW2?

Finally, the next double XP weekend has been announced for MW2 fans! For PlayStation players, the double XP weekend started on Wednesday 14th December.

For everyone else, the double XP weekend will start on Thursday 15th December at approximately 6pm GMT in the UK.

On all platforms, the double XP weekend will end at around 6pm GMT on Monday 19th December. Get in there and level up quickly while you can.

When is the MW2 free weekend?

If you want to play MW2 with your buddies for free, jump online this weekend!

Activision has confirmed that a MW2 free-access weekend will start at 6pm GMT on Thursday 15th December.

This Free Access period features 6v6 modes and a new third-person mode on maps like Farm 18, El Asilo, and the returning fan favourite Shipment!

The fun will end at 6pm on Monday 19th December, when the free weekend will conclude and non-paying customers will be turfed out. Merry Christmas, everyone!

How else can you get double XP in MW2?

It’s not just double XP weekends or events that grant you double XP in MW2. You can receive Modern Warfare 2 double XP tokens in-game, via tie-in promotions, and by buying the Vault Edition of the game.

Anyone who purchases the Vault Edition of CoD: MW2 will be granted 10 hours of double XP tokens and 10 hours of double weapon XP tokens. This means that you will have 20 separate tokens to use in-game whenever you like.

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Bear in mind, it counts down from one hour as soon as you activate a double XP token. This means that all that time spent on in-game menus and matchmaking counts towards the hour, not just match gameplay.

Other ways to earn double XP is to take advantage of tie-in promotions like the Burger King one. Playing through the game’s single-player campaign mode will also award you with double XP tokens. Now, get out there and earn twice as much XP soldier.

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