It has been one of the most popular games on certain other devices for a while now but those who own a Nintendo Switch and have been wanting to play Among Us on it have not been able to do so - until now at least.


Developer Inner Sloth's hit game is on the console from today and it will be absolutely free for the first week, beginning today, July 21st 2021 and lasting until July 27th. The game is, of course, free anyway for those that play on mobile but other devices such as consoles come with a small price tag attached.

There is a catch here though, while it is "free", that is only for those who have signed up to Nintendo Switch Online and it will be part of Nintendo’s Game Trial program – so free if you already pay for the monthly subscription.

Also if you don’t own the game and you want to then now is a good time to buy it as it will be reduced by 30 per cent from today until 1st August – so take advantage of that while you can.

What is Among Us?

The social deduction game was originally released in 2018 but only received mainstream attention after becoming popular with streamers last year. This prompted developers InnerSloth to commit to continuous improvements and support for the game.

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It is another success story for games in 2020 as the pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns allowed people to fall in love with the game and become the gaming titan that it is today. As for the concept, it takes place in a space setting and the maps have various tasks dotted around that need to be completed.

But adding a wrinkle to that are imposters and the biggest goal of the game is to find out who among you (hence the title) is one before they end up catching you out. It’s a simple, yet effective idea and it is little wonder that it is one that many gamers have found themselves drawn to.

Now it has become far more than just a game with merchandise popping up everywhere for it and its huge following looks set to only get bigger as time goes on. Launching on the Switch is certainly a good way to keep that forward momentum going.

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