It's Cyber Monday! Traditionally a day for tech savings, the discounts are in full flow yet again. So, if you missed out on Black Friday bargains, there's no need to panic. Right now the internet is still awash with Cyber Monday TV deals and the team is on hand to help you find the best ones.


The World Cup is acting as the incentive many deal-hunters needed to pick up a new TV during sales season 2022 and now — with England almost guaranteed to progress to the knockout stages — some of these deals could be more tempting than ever.

We've been trawling the web and comparing countless deals on the best smart TVs to help you save time and money this sales season. The best offers we've seen this weekend include £1,000 off this Samsung QLED 2022 smart TV– now only £999 – and £1,200 off this huge 75-inch Samsung TV.

Before pressing pay, it's worth considering what you should look for when buying a new TV.

First off, there's not really any need to worry about whether the TV is a 'smart TV' now. A few years ago – and perhaps the last time many of us were shopping for TVs – this was a real differentiator. Now, every new television is a smart TV, though some have differing levels of functionality.

Among the best and most popular brands are LG, Samsung and Sony, but plenty of top tech brands make good televisions. Brands like Hisense and JVC currently offer some of the most affordable, value-oriented sets for those on a budget.

The very best TVs out there right now all use OLED technology. An OLED screen offers the best picture possible, with deeper blacks and more vibrant colours than standard LED screens. Then there's Samsung's QLED tech, which falls somewhere in between.

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Also it's worth remembering, when choosing a size of TV to buy, that a viewing distance 1.5x the screen size is generally recommended. If you need a little more guidance before choosing a TV, check out our what size TV should I buy article. We also have an article on how to measure a TV screen.

For more bargains — check out our guides to the latest Meta Quest 2 Black Friday deals, Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals and the best UK Cyber Monday deals. When does Black Friday end? Our experts have the answer. If you're hungry after all the shopping, check out the best Cyber Monday takeaway deals.

New Cyber Monday TV deals live today

Best Cyber Monday and Black Friday TV deals of 2022 at a glance

UK retailers with Cyber Monday TV deals right now

Here's a breakdown of which UK retailers have discounted TVs right now as part of their Black Friday 2022 sales:

  • Hughes – Get up to £300 off Samsung TVs, plus savings on LG, Philips and affordable TCL models.
  • AO – Over 200 deals on TVs, accessories and soundbars including 24% off this 50-inch Samsung TV
  • Amazon – Amazon's Black Friday sale is yet to begin but you can still find savings across Sony and Toshiba TVs
  • John Lewis – Save up to £450 on Panasonic TVs, plus discounts across Samsung and LG.
  • Very – Get up to 50% off Samsung TVs
  • Argos – Save on Samsung, Sony and LG TVs, with many deals including free e-gift cards
  • JD Williams – Discounts including getting a Toshiba 43-inch TV for only £239

Best Cyber Monday TV deals available from UK retailers today

43-inch LG 4K smart TV | £365 £315 (save £50 or 14%) at John Lewis

LG TV Black Friday

Save £50 on this LG 4K smart TV from John Lewis. Featuring immersive sound, a built-in Game Optimiser and LG's own filmmaker mode, this TV has a lot going for it. It also comes with a five-year guarantee and you can even get 50% off an LG S75Q Bluetooth soundbar when you buy this TV.

43-inch LG 4K smart TV | £365 £315 (save £50 or 14%) at John Lewis

32-inch Sharp smart TV | £159 £139 (save £20 or 13%)

32-inch Sharp smart TV

This is a great option if you are looking for a smaller TV set. The listed online price is £159, but you can get a handy £20 off and pick this up for £139 now.

32-inch Sharp smart TV| £159 £139 (save £20 or 13%) at Box

55-inch Sony Bravia OLED smart TV | £1,399 £999 (save £400 or 29%)

These larger Sony Bravia sets offer a crisp ultra HD picture and simple, intuitive smart TV controls.

Now, in the seasonal sales, you can save £400 on either of these top tellies.

55-inch Sony Bravia OLED smart TV | £1,399 £999 (save £400 or 29%) at John Lewis

65-inch Sony Bravia OLED smart TV | £2,099 £1,699 (save £400 or 19%) at John Lewis

40-inch TCL smart TV | £229 £198 (save £31 or 14%)

This TCL smart TV has seen a Black Friday discount, too. Amazon has knocked 14 per cent off the price during seasonal discounting.

It offers a 40-inch FHD display at an affordable price point. This TCL set also comes with a sleek, easy-to-navigate Android TV set-up, making it easy to find all your favourite streaming services.

40-inch TCL smart TV | £229 £198 (save £31 or 14%) at Amazon

43-inch Samsung Neo QLED smart TV | £1,399 £799 (save £600 or 43%)

If you're looking for a 43-inch TV set, this Samsung Neo QLED — now discounted at AO — is a great option.

It offers a crisp, accurate ultra HD picture, with Samsung's Quantum Dot technology and an easy-to-navigate smart TV menu to help you find your favourite shows and films with ease.

43-inch Samsung Neo QLED smart TV | £1,399 £799 (save £600 or 43%) at AO

50-inch Samsung LED smart TV | £529 £399 (save £130 or 25%) at AO

This 2021 television from Samsung offers amazing value at just £399 for a 50-inch smart TV.

Of course, it's an LED panel so offers a slightly less high-quality picture and slightly less brightness than an OLED or QLED TV, but it's more affordable as a result.

Right now, it's got 25% off at AO, down from £529 to £399.

50-inch Samsung LED smart TV | £529 £399 (save £130 or 25%) at AO

55-inch LG TV with free LG earbuds | £1,499 £939 (save £560 or 37%)

LG TV Black Friday deal

If you’ve been looking for a new TV, this deal from Hughes will save you over £500.

These TVs have Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision AI to enhance the picture and sound quality, and the smart webOS platform means you have all your apps in one place, like Netflix, Disney Plus and Amazon Prime Video. If it’s gaming you’re after, the Dolby Vision Gaming 4K at 120Hz makes for a more fluid and realistic gaming experience, too.

While that’s a great saving in itself, that’s not all. When you buy one of these TVs, you’ll get a free set of LG limited edition England wireless earbuds, which would usually set you back £99.

You will need to pick the bundle option to claim your free headphones. If you're in the market, there's also an option to add a discount soundbar to complete the package.

55-inch LG TV with free LG earbuds | £1,499 £979 (save £520 or 35%) at Hughes

55-inch Hisense smart TV | £429 £329 (save £100 or 23%)

If you want a larger screen but don't have the budget for an OLED panel, then this 55-inch Hisense set is a good option.

It's got 23 per cent off at Argos in the Black Friday sales and can be got slightly cheaper, if you're willing to pick up a refurbished version from Box.

55-inch Hisense smart TV | £429 £329 (save £100 or 23%) at Argos

55-inch Hisense smart TV (refurbished) | £429 £320.99 (save £108.21 or 25%) at Box

55-inch Samsung QLED smart TV | £1,299 £999 (save £300 or 23%)

This 55-inch Samsung smart TV offers QLED technology, Samsung's own version of the OLED tech used on TVs elsewhere.

For more on the difference between QLED and OLED, check out our What is QLED? guide.

55-inch Samsung QLED smart TV | £1,999 £999 (save £1,000 or 50%) at Box

55-inch Samsung QLED smart TV | £1,099 £999 (save £100 or 9%) at John Lewis

65-inch Toshiba smart TV | £529 £429 (save £100 or 19%)

This 65-inch Toshiba TV is a great choice for larger rooms and at just £429, it's a great price for this much TV.

It's got Alexa built in and a whole range of smart TV features

65-inch Toshiba smart TV | £529 £429 (save £100 or 19%) at Very

65- inch Samsung UHD smart TV | £1,099 £699 (save £400 or 36%)

This 65-inch smart TV from Samsung offers a huge Ultra HD display with built-in Alexa and a crystal clear picture.

Now, this new Black Friday deal has slashed a whole 41 per cent off the price. It's down from £1,099 to £649, saving you a huge £450!

65- inch Samsung UHD smart TV | £1,099 £699 (save £400 or 36%) at Amazon

65- inch Samsung OLED smart TV | £1,879 £1,549 (save £330 or 18%)

The large 65-inch television from Samsung comes with a huge discount in the Black Friday sales. Sometimes, we see seasonal sales cutting the prices of older models, but this is a 2022 set so you can be sure it's jam-packed with the latest tech.

Offering a stunning OLED picture and an intuitive smart TV interface, it's easy to find and enjoy an amazing range of content.

65- inch Samsung OLED smart TV | £1,879 £1,549 (save £330 or 18%) at John Lewis

75-inch Samsung QLED smart TV | £2,799 £1,599 (save £1,200 or 43%)

Samsung QLED smart TV

This is a big TV with a big saving. Why go out to the cinema when you can bring the cinema to you?

With voice assist you can control the TV with vocal commands, so no more taking off all the sofa cushions to try to find the remote.

With over £1,000 off, this is one of the best TV deals we've seen this Black Friday.

75-inch Samsung QLED smart TV | £2,799 £1,599 (save £1200 or 43%) at AO

77-inch Sony OLED smart TV | £3,499 £3,049 (save £450 or 13%)

This huge 77-inch behemoth from Sony Bravia offers an amazing OLED display and handy smart TV controls from Google.

Now, it's £450 cheaper in the Black Friday sales.

77-inch Sony OLED smart TV | £3,499 £3,049 (save £450 or 13%) at Argos

83-inch LG OLED smart TV | £6,299 £5,499 (save £800 or 13%)

LG OLED smart TV deal
John Lewis

This huge LG OLED evo TV offers up to 30 per cent higher brightness levels, plus the gallery design means the TV can display artwork when you're not watching it — this really helps such a large screen blend into the room.

TVs this size with this much built-in tech are always going to be pricy, but we think an £800 saving is pretty great.

83-inch LG OLED smart TV | £6,299 £5,499 (save £800 or 13%) at John Lewis


Other great options include Sky's new TV set, Sky Glass. If you want to know more about Sky's new TV then head over to our What is Sky Glass explainer. Or, finish your TV setup with one of our best indoor TV aerials, or take a look at our top Disney Plus offers this month.