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Amazon Echo Show 10 release date 2021 and where to buy

Amazon’s latest screen-based smart device will follow you round the room – and it’s now available to buy.

Amazon Echo Show 10

Back in September last year, Amazon revealed a new range of Echo smart speakers and displays. We got to see the new spherical Amazon Echo Dot go on sale soon afterwards, but we’ve been waiting a while for Amazon’s latest smart display.


We had hoped that the Echo Show 10 would hit Amazon’s warehouses before Christmas, but sadly it was not to be. Five months later and the wait is up as the brand-new Echo Show 10 is now available to buy. Featuring a screen that can follow its users around the room, the Echo Show 10 looks to show how far Amazon has come with its smart home tech.

With the Amazon Echo Show 10 launch today, we’ve put together a guide to its key features, how much it costs and how it improves upon the Echo Show 8.

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Echo Show 10 release date

The new Amazon Echo Show 10 was released on 25th February 2021. The latest smart display is available at several retailers, including Amazon, Currys PC World and John Lewis.

Amazon Echo Show 10: new features and what to expect

Amazon Echo Show 10

Since the last model in the Show range was called the Echo Show 8, you might have been wondering what happened to the Echo Show 9. Actually, the Echo Shows aren’t being named numerically. The Echo 10 is so-called because of its 10.1-inch touchscreen, which is larger than – you guessed it – the Echo Show 8’s 8-inch screen and the Echo Show 5’s 5.5-inch screen.

Beyond the larger display, the main new feature is its auto-framing technology. This allows the Echo Show 10 to follow users around the room, keeping them on-screen automatically. It’s hard not to see how invaluable this feature would be. Now you can make calls to friends and family you’re apart from whilst cooking in the kitchen or unloading the washing machine.

Outside of that, the Echo Show 10 offers all the features of its predecessors. Naturally, you’ve got Alexa at your disposal: you can operate Amazon’s in-built voice assistant to relay the weather and news, play music from Amazon Music and Spotify, stream TV and films from services like Amazon Prime Video and now Netflix. You can also link it to your Ring cameras or other Alexa compatible devices without the need of a separate hub – and conversely, you can slide a catch over the Show 10’s camera if you’re after some guaranteed privacy.

How much does the Echo Show 10 cost?

Here’s where things get interesting: the Echo Show 10 costs an almighty £239.99. That’s a noticeable jump in price from the Echo Show 8, which has an RRP of £119.99 but is currently on sale for £64.99. Cheaper still is the Echo Show 5, which typically sells for £79.99 but is currently just £39.99.

What’s the difference between the Echo Show 10 vs Echo Show 8?

The main upgrade the Echo Show 10 offers is that auto-framing feature. No longer a static device that resembles a bulky alarm clock like its predecessors, the Echo Show 10 can now rotate a full 360 degrees to follow you around the room. But there are other key upgrades too: the 10 boasts a 13-megapixel camera, which is a vast improvement on the 1-megapixel cameras in both the 8 and 5. It also has a higher-spec processor, which makes the Show 10 faster and more responsive.

This makes us think that Amazon isn’t positioning the new Show as one that replaces the Echo 8 or Echo 5 but as a decidedly premium alternative. Being honest, we think it’s a wise move on the part of the retail giant.

After all, the Echo range pivots around the ever-helpful Alexa, which (or who?) is an audio-based technology. As you can read in our Amazon Echo Show 8 review, we loved the device’s versatility and range of features – but also, we suspect many people have wondered just how useful that screen will be if they’ve already got a smartphone and TV to hand. It’s probably why so many shoppers have been heading to products like the Echo Dot instead, which is Amazon’s most popular device – read our Echo Dot review to find out what we liked about it.

So we’re excited to see how audiences react to the Echo Show 10, which feels like a whole new proposition.


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