Best Nintendo Switch Black Friday 2020 deals: Animal Crossing bundle, free console with EE and more offers

Nintendo Switch is back in stock with bundles going on sale again for Black Friday early deals.

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Nintendo Black Friday

It’s no secret that Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals are among the hottest to look out for this year and we’ve been tracking everything so you don’t miss a single offer. The Nintendo Switch will be one of the hottest items this year if it’s popularity in our first lockdown was anything to go by.


Everything from Animal Crossing: New Horizon to Ring Fit Adventure flew out of stock faster than you could say “get me a vaccine now”. Stock now seems to be returning (for the most part) just in time for early Black Friday deals.

Nintendo Switch deals don’t appear that often and disappear even faster, so our top advice will always stay the same: be sure to snap a Nintendo Switch up when you see a bundle or console you like.

The Switch’s joy-con controllers are already seeing a rare price drop, which bodes well for deals on the console itself come actual Black Friday, as well as on other official (and rarely discounted) accessories. Ring Fit Adventure proved to be the hottest item in our first lockdown as we all tried to keep active, and is finally back in stock for £64.99 at Currys.

If you need a little helping hand knowing what to buy (we’re looking at you parents!) keep an eye out for Animal Crossing: New Horizons or the new Mario game which hopefully will get discounted.  Another top tip from us, if you shop directly with Nintendo, you can also get 25% off memory cards with any Switch console or game and the official SanDisk Nintendo Switch memory card is just £39.99 at Amazon (save £38 or 49%) – perfect for some extra space!

We’ll be updating this page with the latest Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals regularly in the lead up to Black Friday and during the official event (27th November) so keep us bookmarked so you never miss a bargain.

If you’re looking for the best Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals right now these are the bundles and games to look out for.

Best Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals: quick links

While the actual Nintendo Switch console hasn’t seen a massive drop in price (yet), Switch games and bundles have already seen discounts at Amazon, Currys and Very. Supermarkets have also started dropping deals with Asda selling the Nintendo Switch for £40 less in the Roll Back deal. Aldi has also said it will go as low as £229.99 but that’s just on the Black Friday weekend. As with any gaming deal, you may want to check out bundles if you are in the market for a game too. Those hagglers among you may want to hold off for a cheaper price, though our advice would be if you see something you like, go for it.

One that has caught our eye if you need a new phone too is this one from EE. Buying the Oppo A72 128GB can also get you a free Nintendo Switch as part of your purchase – an incentive to grab yourself a new phone if ever we’ve seen one

These are the best Nintendo Switch prices and deals right now:

Nintendo Switch bundles

Ring Fit Adventure

Nintendo Switch accessories

Nintendo Switch Fortnite

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit

Proving popular, the Mario versions of Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit have sold out in many places, and the Luigi edition is going fast also. This new release allows you to race around your living room with your own kart that features a built-in camera you can follow on your Switch.

Nintendo Switch games

Nintendo Switch US

Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals 2020: what to expect

When it comes to Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals it’s harder to know what to expect this year. With the UK just having lockdown and things not getting quite back to normal we know everyone is keen to keep themselves entertained. We saw back in March that stock went fast for the Nintendo Switch and then again with Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Stock is now back to normal in the UK, so here’s hoping that continues. Good news is the UK looks better prepared (than the US) with stock there we may see better deals and prices over the Black Friday weekend.

Nintendo itself has said there will be a few games half-price including Pokemon ranges and Minecraft will see a discount too.

These days the Nintendo Switch is priced at about £279 max – just keep that in mind come November when the price starts to shift. Retailers have been known to boost prices in the weeks approaching a sales event so they can boast bigger discounts on the day. We’ve been keeping an eye on prices so we know what is a good deal and what isn’t.

You can also download The Camelizer tool which allows you to see the price history of products on Amazon, helping you see exactly how lucrative a deal actually is from this retailer.

For the Nintendo Switch Lite, it’s much the same, the console is about £199 without a game. In 2019 you could get about £20-£30 off that price, which isn’t as much but expected as it’s the cheaper console.

Nintendo Switch Deals

Last year, we saw the Nintendo Switch with a Free Labo Kit for £279.99 at Argos – expect this again. The Nintendo Switch Lite console was down from £199 to about £179 mark mostly, with Currys staying at that price.

Argos also sold two games for £30, not just for the Switch but for PS4 and Xbox One too. Plus eBay had the Pokemon Sword Nintendo Switch game for £39.99, not bad when this was a popular buy.

And then there is Aldi who will be having some amazing Nintendo Switch deals of their own. Look to be able to pick up a console for just £229.99, one of the cheapest that we have seen, along with a Switch starter kit for £7.99. Asda has also said it will sell the Nintendo Switch for £229.99 – so we’re expecting this to be the cheapest the Nintendo Switch will go.

If there are more deals like this then gamers should be extremely happy come Black Friday. Their deal is set to go live on the day itself so be ready to grab one quickly as these will likely be snapped up fast.

Keep reading for the latest deals and a bit more on what to expect.

Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals

The main console everyone has been trying to get their hands on is the classic Nintendo Switch. The device flew off the (mainly virtual) shelves during lockdown after its initial launch and stock has continued to sell out since.

The popular device allows various positions of play, with detachable controllers on each side for single and multi-player gaming. Finding one in stock isn’t always easy, so take a look at which retailers currently have one below:

Nintendo Switch Neon Red/Blue

Nintendo Switch Grey

Nintendo Switch with Extra JoyCon controllers

Nintendo Switch Fortnite

Nintendo Switch Lite Black Friday deals

The Nintendo Switch Lite offers the same great games as the main console but comes as a single unit, without the detachable controllers. The handheld device is ideal for single users and is also a more affordable alternative, available in multiple colours.

For the device in the other colour options, we’ve found the best deals available now below:

Nintendo Switch Lite grey – from £199

Nintendo Switch Lite yellow – from £199

Nintendo Switch Lite turquoise – from £199.99

Best Nintendo Switch bundles

One clever way to make savings on new consoles is to invest in bundle deals which include the main device along with various games for a discounted overall price. If you’re getting your hands on a new Nintendo Switch, then the chances are you’ll need to buy games to play on it anyway and some of the most popular ones are often included as special packages.

Take a look at some of the best deals we’ve found below:

Best Nintendo Switch Lite bundles

Nintendo Switch Lite Yellow Bundle with Pokemon Shield

Like the classic Nintendo Switch, there are also plenty of bundle deals to be found which include both the device and some great games. These tend to cost less together than buying them individually would and mean you can handily get hold of everything in one go.

See some of the best Nintendo Switch Lite bundles we found below:

Best Nintendo Switch Joy-Con deals

The Joy-Con controllers can also be purchased separately for the Nintendo Switch console and are available in a choice of colourways from a range of retailers. You will get one when you purchase a Nintendo Switch but if you want to play two-player, you will need to buy a second as these are the primary controllers for the games you will play.

Here are some of the best prices we found for the Switch controllers:

Grey Joy-Con Controller Pair, Nintendo Switch – from £70.99

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controller Pair – Neon Red / Neon Blue – from £59

Joy-Con Twin Pack Green/ Pink (Nintendo Switch) – from £59.99

Best Nintendo Switch Pro Controller deals

For those who prefer a more old-fashioned design, the Pro Controller ditches the novelty of the joy-cons for a more traditional approach. So whether you’re an e-sports competitor or just can’t get the hang of joy-cons, the Pro Controller goes for a slightly cheaper price and much more closely resemble the type of controllers that console gamers are used to.

Best Nintendo Switch game deals

If you’re wondering what games to get for the Nintendo Switch, the new FIFA 21 is proving popular, Animal Crossing: News Horizons popularity has proved to be unrivalled over the past year and classics like Minecraft or Fortnite are sure bets when it comes to Black Friday deals.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons deals

Few new games have caused the same level of excitement as the ever-popular Animal Crossing. The updated Animal Crossing: New Horizons launched this year for Nintendo Switch and the classic game allows users to visit each other’s worlds and share resources as players build their own community life.

Mario Kart Live deals

The next-generation of Mario Kart, Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit is a mixed reality game that lets you race around just like you have always been able to- but this time with your own home as the racetrack. And yes, if you have a dog or a cat then you could be about to experience something quite special indeed!

Will Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals be in stock?

Nintendo Switch has been in and out of stock this year, it’s been somewhat of a rollercoaster throughout the pandemic. Despite the demand, it seems supply has finally settled down with Nintendo Switch bundles cropping up on Prime Day, which is a good sign for Black Friday. The only caveat to that is as soon as they appeared in stock they were swiftly whisked off to someone’s basket – so our advice? Move fast.

We expect we’ll still see Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals with slightly better discounts than we saw on Prime Day, which was a little underwhelming with price drops. That said, Amazon’s bundles still sold quickly on the day. With a new device potentially on the cards for next year, we may well see some impressive deals and bundles on offer.

We know with more sales online now that competition will be fierce so fingers crossed prices reflect that. Currys, Amazon and Very are all good places to keep an eye on.

We’ve also now seen Ring Fit Adventure back in stock. The item and game would barely come into stock before it sold out so keep an eye out for deals.

When will Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals start?

Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals actually kick off a little earlier than the event itself. We saw high sales in the weeks leading up as brands competed for the best bundles and cheapest offers. With such a popular console we expect the same this year. Sales for most retailers began a week in advance of Black Friday, but you may want to wait until the actual weekend for the best and cheapest deals on the actual console.

Should I buy a Nintendo Switch now if it’s in stock?

The US has had more stock issues with the Nintendo Switch than the UK, so if you’re across the pond then you may want to snap up stock when you see it. In the UK demand seems to have evened out a bit meaning more stock so there’s not as much of a mad rush to buy the console when it pops up. However, the Nintendo Switch didn’t see huge discounts in 2019, so if you see a good deal you may want to buy it then and there.

Amazon has extended its returns until 31st January made between 1st October and 31st December so you can always change your mind while making sure you snap up a console when you see a good deal.

Just remember, on Black Friday more games and items get thrown into bundles so, in the long run, you save a bit more by waiting. Keep an eye on this page for the best bundle deals so you can get more for your money.

How to find the best Nintendo Switch Black Friday deal

We’ll update this page regularly because we know it can be quite stressful checking through every brand when you just want to buy the cheapest deal.

So first up, bookmark us! Secondly, know your price point and know what you want. Do you want a particular game with the Switch?

Also keep in mind the rush for the Switch earlier in the year, while we expect retailers to have prepared for this, we expect deals to go fast.

Best bet is to look at retailers who had good stock last time, so in the USA that’s Best Buy, Walmart and in the UK that was Amazon, who kept getting re-stocked and GAME for bundles.

Currys and Very were also good shouts. Of course, we’ll be checking all of them too.

What is the Nintendo Switch?

This smart console offers three ways for gamers to play. The device consists of a main tablet-like screen to which two “Joy-Con” controllers slot in and out of either side.

By docking the device into your TV you can enjoy HD gaming at home. The flip stand on the back of the screen allows the Nintendo Switch to flip into what it calls “tablet mode” meaning you can play multiplayer games out and about.

Finally, the familiar hand-held mode is the third way to play and is the single-player mode, used with the controllers slotted in.

You can add in external micro SD cards for Nintendo Switch (memory cards) to expand the device’s capacity and we’ve tracked down the best power banks for Nintendo Switch so you can keep gaming for longer.

There are also loads of exciting games and extras like the Nintendo Ring Fit and the new Animal Crossing. The Nintendo Switch Lite is currently available in four colours, with the newest coral colour proving exceptionally popular.

Bundles can also be a sneaky way to get your hands on popular tech, especially when it comes to gaming devices like the Nintendo Switch. Some of the big-name retailers offer great games including popular options such as Mario Kart and Pokemon with the console as a package.

If you’re not sure which Switch to buy, read our guide comparing the Nintendo Switch vs Nintendo Switch Lite. The Lite is purely a handheld console, while the Switch, while more expensive, is more versatile and can be played multiplayer, making it popular with families.

For tech fans, there are plenty of other great deals to get hold of ahead of the Black Friday weekend itself. To give you a nudge in the right direction, we’ve found the best iPhone 11 deals, best Currys Black Friday deals and top Dell Black Friday offers.

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We have been rounding up the deals across all the major retailers and brands to bring you the best savings and discounts. Check out the rest of our content on Black Friday sales.

Want more offers? Keep checking our Black Friday 2020 guide as we work hard to source and research the best and cheapest deals for you. We’ll also have all the latest news from our experts in the lead up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. For more tech deals check out the technology section.


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