Listeners ‘switch’ from Radio 2 to Virgin Radio for Chris Evans’s new show

Listeners were impressed by the former Radio 2 presenter's return to Virgin - and his first guest


Chris Evans has made his return to the radio airwaves, debuting his new breakfast show on Virgin Radio after leaving BBC Radio 2 in December of last year.


Evans, who fronted Radio 2’s breakfast show for nine years launched his new programme on Monday morning with the words: “I say, this is very exciting.”

“It’s so great to be back on Virgin and I have to say it’s a real treat, we are blessed, we couldn’t be more grateful,” continued Evans, who last hosted a breakfast show on the radio station formerly known as Virgin (now Absolute Radio) back in 2001, prior to his well publicised dismissal.

He added that there had been speculation over what his first song would be, before introducing former The Verve frontman Richard Ashcroft, who sang Lucky Man live in the studio.

“I press buttons, I don’t play songs, musicians play songs,” Evans said. “Why don’t we get a musician to play a song live, how about Richard Ashcroft?”

And it proved to be a good choice as far as listeners were concerned.

All in all, they seemed delighted with Evans’s return, with many claiming that Monday’s show meant “normal service has resumed”.

“Ahh, normality had resumed, Chris is back on my radio,” Catherine Rees-Hughes tweeted.

“HE’S BACK,” another listener commented. “I couldn’t resist tuning in. 15 mins in and already waking up in a top mood. Let’s be having you Monday!”

“OMG it’s like Christmas Day all over to have Chris Evans & team back,” one listener said on Twitter.


Evans’s move could also see loyal listeners follow him from Radio 2 to his (advert-free) Virgin Radio show, with some revealing that after more than a decade of listening to Radio 2, they “switched” on Monday morning “to listen to Chris Evans”.