BBC pay row: It’s quite “dull” reporting on yourself, says Today’s Nick Robinson

The presenter of the flagship morning news programme says he and his colleagues are keen to focus on issues other than how much they earn

Nick Robinson Covers Party grab, BD

It’s been a busy few months in the Today studio.


A new editor, the publication of the salaries of the presenters, and the recent leaking of John Humphrys’ banter with Jon Sopel must have made morning news conferences rather interesting to say the least.

That was certainly the impression we got when we chatted to presenter Nick Robinson at the Radio Times Covers party on Tuesday night.

He admitted that colleagues have shown “a little bit more caution, shall we say” about what they speak openly about, especially when they are near the microphones, following the leak of the Humphrys/Sopel audio to the world.

But he also showed a desire to report on things other than the earnings of himself and his colleagues.

“Nobody genuinely wants to report about yourselves because in the end it is ever so slightly dull,” he said at the Radio Times Covers Party. “People tuning in at home, they are getting the train they are getting the kids up, they are worrying about getting to work they are worrying about the things people have to worry about in their lives. They don’t massively want to hear about us worrying about ourselves.”


Watch the video below: