Emmerdale star Emma Atkins on Charity’s trial drama – “It’s the most terrifying thing she’s had to go through”

What will the verdict be?


Emmerdale heroine Charity Dingle will be put through the emotional wringer in next week’s episodes when she testifies in court against her abuser DI Mark Bails.


“It’s the most terrifying thing she’s had to go through,” says star Emma Atkins. “ Charity has to rake up this ordeal in front of strangers and she knows it’s going to feel unpleasant. It’s everything you don’t want to say out loud – all the nitty gritty about her dark past. She knows what she’s got to do, but deep down there’s a lot fear, anticipation and worry.”

Viewers have already seen Bails warn Charity that a jury will dismiss her story and side with him instead. So have these scare tactics influenced Charity’s thinking? Or is she confident that justice will be served?

Emmerdale - Charity

“She’s not confident at all,” continues the actress. “She’s thinking this is all going to go Bails’s way and that no one will believe her, considering her past as a prostitute, which will be told in court as part of her backstory. Charity’s terrified that her promiscuous past will blot her copybook and not give her a fighting chance.”

What viewers will see is Charity left rocked when Bails gives his twisted version of events, claiming that he had genuine feelings for Charity. And in a further blow, Bails’s wife Chloe decides to back up her husband’s case by also lying to the prosecution.

Once back home, Charity breaks down and Cain does his best to help her, despite her feeling defeated by Bails’s actions. As the day of the verdict dawns, Charity is sure that the accused will be found not guilty. But what will the jury make of Bails’s spin? Is he destined to go free? Or will Charity finally get justice?


“Regardless of the verdict, Charity can’t come to terms with what’s happened to her. Her past being exposed starts to eat away at her. Vanessa wants her to see a counsellor, but she pushes that idea well away.

“I’ve a feeing she’s going to bury it right back down into the basement of her psyche and continue to be the hard-faced Charity. She even burns a newspaper report of the verdict, so she’s dealing with things in her own style and continuing to be the hard-faced Charity. And I think fans like that sharp side to her personality.”


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