Meet the cast of Theresa v Boris: The Battle to be PM

Can you spot the Doctor Who and Inbetweeners stars in the Brexit docudrama?


Remember the bizarre few weeks last summer after David Cameron resigned? The cock-ups and conspiracies? The immediate torrid tragicomedy to plague post-Brexit Britain? The BBC are resurrecting it all. 


New docudrama special Theresa v Boris: The Battle to be PM follows the power vacuum brawl between Tories May, Johnson and Gove. And while we all know Mrs May emerged strong and stable from that fight, the inside story isn’t totally clear. So, with accounts from insiders close to the fallout, the BBC is dramatising events…

Who’s portraying the political players in the show? And which real-life Conservatives will be talking to camera? Here’s everything you need to know…

Jacqueline King plays Theresa May


Who is Theresa May?

She’s the Prime Minister – at the time of writing, anyway. Daughter of a vicar, May first started work at the Bank of England before becoming a councillor in Merton. She then was elected to be MP for Maidenhead in the 1997 general election, rising up the conservative party ranks until she became the Home Secretary in 2010. She stayed close to David Cameron throughout this role and campaigned to remain in the EU.

Who is Jacqueline King?

You’ll best know her as Donna Noble’s mum Sylvia in Doctor Who. King also has a very long CV of minor parts in TV dramas from Holby City to Midsomer Murders to Silk.

 Will Barton plays Boris Johnson


Who is Boris Johnson?

The bumbling blonde is the UK’s current Foreign Secretary (again, at the time of writing). Boris started out as a journalist at The Times and he soon became a political columnist and editor of The Spectator magazine. He then became a Tory MP in 2001 and later Mayor of London in 2008. After becoming an MP again in 2015, Johnson campaigned to leave the EU and was regarded as the front-runner to replace David Cameron. But that didn’t quite go to plan… 

Who is Will Barton?

He’s not a household name, but he has starred in some of TVs and cinema biggest hits, albeit in minor roles. You might have spotted him in Casualty, The Bill and even in The Theory of Everything as a technician.

 John Seaward plays Michael Gove


Who is Michael Gove?

Like Boris, Gove started out in journalism before making the leap to politics, elected a Conservative MP in 2005. He then became Education Secretary in 2010, Chief Whip in 2015 and Justice Secretary the following year. During the Brexit campaign Gove backed the Leave campaign and after Cameron’s resignation stood behind Boris’ leadership campaign – for a while. He then launched his own bid to become party leader, knocking Johnson out of the race.

Who is John Seaward?

He played intellectually-challenged Big John from The Inbetweeners, the student considered to be lower down the social ladder than poor old Will. 


Interestingly, there’s a massive age gap between Seaward and his latest character. While Michael Gove is 49, The Inbetweeners star is just 28-years-old. Hats off to the make-up department here.