7 days in sci-fi and beyond… #1

Our weekly (geekly) round-up of all things sci-fi, fantasy and just plain interesting begins with Doctor Who musings and Game of Thrones revelations

Oh, what a week it was for our inaugural round-up of all things geeky, sci-fi and fantasy inclined. From Doctor Who hints and superhero castings to the confirmation that Jon Snow is definitely dead (yeah right), there was almost too much to cover in a pithy and interesting RadioTimes.com article. But boy, do we love a challenge.


Superhero squad

It’s been a busy few days for the blokes in capes, with yet more Batman vs Superman pictures and quotes released by Empire magazine, rumours that Rachel McAdams might be joining Benedict Cumberbatch in Doctor Strange and Chris Pine signing on to be the man-candy in the Wonder Woman movie (via TheWrap).

Across the internet we’ve also seen hints that iconic Daredevil villain Gladiator and his nifty wrist-blades will be popping up for the Netflix series’ second run (see tweet above), while X-Men actor Hugh Jackman basically crowdsourced the next Wolverine movie from fans on Twitter while using a hashtag from the last Hobbit film. It’s cheaper than a focus group, I guess…

All that, and yet more pictures from X-Men: Apocalypse, a new poster for Heroes: Reborn (below, courtesy of TVLine) and the confirmation that we’ll be seeing erstwhile Doctor David Tennant in all his purple glory for Marvel’s Jessica Jones Netflix series later this year. Who-ray!

Doctor hmm…

Speaking of the Time Lord and tangential links, as per usual the last few days saw plenty of Doctor Who speculation across the web (which we have unashamedly been a part of). Peter Capaldi revealed that we might see his triumphant “attack eyebrows” cameo (below) from 50th anniversary special The Day of the Doctor better explained, while Michelle Gomez hinted that the reuse of a particular location in some of her series 8 scenes was not quite so much of a coincidence as was widely believed. God, she knows how to toy with us.

Later, Steven Moffat continued to field questions about whether the Doctor would ever be a woman (short answer: yes), and revealed the shocking truth about Maisie Williams’ character in series nine – she’s not someone we know at all! Good to know all that speculation was worthwhile, then…

But the most exciting Who news of all? We’ve started our Christopher Eccleston best episode poll right here on RadioTimes.com! Who needs the series to start? We make our own fun here on the internet. And you can even buy an original Dalek to keep you company during said jolly Whovian japes. What a world.

Guess who’s back

Not Jon Snow, that’s for sure, nope, no siree. While many have assumed that the fact that actor Kit Harington is in Belfast while Game of Thrones series six is filming means he’s in Game of Thrones series six, HBO programming president Michael Lombardo was keen to tell us that he is actually dead – five times, in fact. Lombardo doth protest too much, methinks, but at least he also suggested that the fantasy could run for another three years. Let’s hope our nerves can hold up that long.

Another show that might now hope to clock up a similarly impressive run is Channel 4’s Humans, which will be returning for a second series next year. Plenty of time for the world to invent robots to do all of our cleaning, then – pick up your game, scientists.

Douglas Adams’ Dirk Gently novels are also getting another shot at the big time, with a new BBC America production in the works that will hopefully last a little longer than the sadly cancelled version starring Stephen Mangan. We’re gently optimistic, so far.

But it was a bad week for Channing Tatum, with rumours abounding that he’s dropping out of upcoming X-Men spin-off Gambit (via TheWrap) and Ghostbuster supremo Ivan Reitman decreeing that a new male version of the ghoul-grabbers (which Tatum was also rumoured to be attached to) was a no-go (via EW). Who you gonna call – er, probably still Kristen Wiig and Paul Feig, thanks.

Until we meet again

So that was the geek week that was – we’ll be dishing up these run-downs every Saturday, so keep your eyes peeled for the internet equivalent of a bat-signal if you’re so inclined.

For now, we’ll leave you with the mental image of Ed Sheeran’s upcoming role in medieval drama The Bastard Executioner (we’re calling Taylor Swift for Outlander series 2 already), some fan-made cakes to celebrate JK Rowling’s 50th birthday (not to mention Harry Potter’s 35th) and this video of Peter Capaldi being adorably geeky and making us all believe he could be our best pal. Excelsior!


Peter Capaldi will be joined by Doctor Who creative head Steven Moffat at the Radio Times Festival on Friday 25th September. Later that day, former showrunner Russell T Davies will appear in his own session. Tickets for all the events at Hampton Court Palace are available here.