Despicable Me’s Minions get a film trailer

A first look at the animated prequel is a blast from the past

It’s safe to say that the most popular part of animated film series Despicable Me isn’t Steve Carrell’s performance as evil genius Gru, or the cute antics of the three girls he adopts – no, it’s the little yellow “minions” that assist him in his nefarious schemes.


Small, peanut-shaped and speaking in their own indecipherable language, Gru’s sidekicks have been a merchandising and popular culture hit, and now they’re getting their own prequel movie – and it’s a blast from the past….

The trailer sees the yella fellas screw up throughout (sometimes fictional) history, searching for a nefarious mastermind who needs their help, often with catastrophic results. If you thought you knew how the dinosaurs died or what really ended Dracula, think again…

The film is directed by Kyle Balda and Pierre Coffin, and stars the voices of Jon Hamm, Sandra Bullock and Steve Coogan.


Minions will be released in summer 2015