Recipes That Rock: Blur’s Alex James and Aussie chef Matt Stone talk cheese

In a new Food Network show Britpop legend and Aussie chef go on a foodie road trip Down Under, we quiz them about their favourite blocks of dairy...

Tonight you can see Britpop legend Alex James and Aussie chef Matt Stone discovering Australian cheeses – along with many other things – as they travel from Perth down to Denmark and Albany on a foodie road trip around Western Australia. Here they offer up their top cheeses, which they say would be on their ideal cheeseboard:


“This is a quite a sharp 24-month aged Tasmanian cheddar with nice little salt poppers in it,” says Matt. And how about something to wash it down with? “I’d pair it with a chardonnay from Leeuwin Estate.”

“Alex makes this one, and it’s probably one of my favourite blue cheeses,” says Stone. “Blue is good with Guinness or port,” says James. “Port with blue cheese is a total winner there’s just something about the sweetness that’s really good.”

“The farmers at Ringwould [in Albany, Western Australia] use biodynamic methods to make goat’s cheese,” explains James. “It’s delicious. Normally you’d cut the horns off goats, but that’s one of the things about biodynamic farming, you don’t cut off the horns, which changes the molecular structure of the milk. If you milk a goat with horns and one without, the milk looks completely different. Oh, and cherry beer is really good with goat’s cheese.”

“I’d eat Gruyère with a nice, crispy lager,” says James. “A lot of British cheeses were made by monks, and they made beer, too, so cheese and beer often go well together. Maybe I should start making beer!”

Recipes That Rock begins on 11 October on Food Network (Freeview 41, Sky 248, Virgin 287).


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