The Queen to visit the set of Game of Thrones

Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip will swing by the set of the hit HBO fantasy drama during a visit to Northern Ireland next week - and they might even sit on the Iron Throne...

Game of Thrones and its coveted Iron Throne is set to receive a true monarch. 


The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh are poised to pay a visit to the set of the hit HBO show – which chronicles the battle for power in the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros – during their trip to Northern Ireland next week.

The royal couple will visit the Belfast studios where much of the fantasy drama is filmed, as announced via the British Monarchy’s official Twitter account: 

Whether or not our monarch will sit on the Iron Throne during her visit remains to be seen.

But the royal family aren’t usually ones to shy away from getting involved – Prince Charles even voiced a Dalek last year during a visit to the set of Doctor Who in Cardiff Bay – so we hope she does. 

Like, really, really hope she does. It would probably be the best thing we’ve ever seen. 


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