Viral videos of the week: Billy Joel, Game of Thrones, a pine marten and the Pope

The five finest clips from the past seven days, voted for by cardinals and released via the chimney of this page

1. Mike! You’ve lost the Pope!
Ah, live news radio that’s also on the TV for some reason. Preparation is key, but sometimes events overtake you. For Mike Francesca of New York’s WFAN Sports Radio, the sudden announcement this week, with absolutely no build-up at all, of some kinda new Pope or sumthin’ necessitated some super-smooth broadcasting on the hoof.


Who is this guy? What sorta Pope we got? How do you say “Bergoglio”? Let’s find out together.

2. Billy’s new mate
This actually happened in January but the YouTube clip went round the world this week. Billy Joel was conducting a Q+A at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee when one of the students, Michael Pollack, chose not to ask a question and instead asked to accompany Joel on piano. Joel said, “OK.”

So up goes Michael to play New York State of Mind and, in a clip that’s cheesy but effective like Billy Joel himself, the kid nails it.

3. A menace on the wing
FC Thun v Zurich, a fixture this week in the Swiss football league, featured an extra test of speed and skill for the players: catching the wild pine marten that had invaded the pitch.

The winner of this task was Loris Benito, the Zurich defender, who confidently shows the rodent inside before outpacing him and winning possession. Textbook stuff. His reward: half his finger off.

4. Lame of Thrones
Meme of the week was 1995 Style, a series of videos reimagining fancy modern TV shows as crappy, two-decades-old series viewed on disintegrating VHS tape. The best one: Game of Thrones.

Weirdly, Sean Bean seems to fit right in.

5. Stanley Kubrick: a viral odyssey
A bit of class to finish with: a lovely animation representing every Stanley Kubrick movie, in chronological order.


Pointless, but very cool.