Daredevil Alain Robert’s record climb up The Torch in Qatar – video

See a clip from the second part of Inside Guinness World Records featuring the French urban climber making an incredible ascent

Forget Peter Parker – here’s footage of a real-life Spider-Man setting a new Guinness World Record for the fastest time to climb the 300-metre tall Torch building in Doha, Qatar.


French daredevil Alain Robert made his record-breaking ascent in April, and it took him one hour, 33 minutes and 47 seconds to make it to the top of the sky-high building without the aid of a safety harness or any ropes.

Robert’s vertigo-inducing climb will be featured in the second part of ITV’s Inside Guinness World Records documentary tonight, but you can watch a clip of it below right now. Though be warned: you might end up feeling a little giddy by the end of the video.

Having been scaling tall buildings since he was seven years old, Robert is famous around the world for similarly harness-free climbs of monuments including the Empire State Building and Burj Khalifa Tower in Dubai. 

However, his plans to conquer London’s tallest skyscraper, the Shard, were recently ended after the owners of the building took out an injunction to stop Robert from climbing it.


See Robert’s record climb and a whole lot more in Inside Guinnes World Records tonight at 8:00pm on ITV1.