It's a great time to be a Taylor Swift fan. The Eras tour is sweeping across Europe, the double album drop of The Tortured Poets Society had us all shocked, and Blondie is consistently in the headlines with her NFL boyfriend.


All of this excitement means that there are now more Taylor Swift gifts than ever for that special Swiftie in your life, whether they want to show their excitement for the Eras tour or celebrate her latest album.

And if that special Swiftie happens to be yourself, we're not here to judge.

These gifts for Taylor Swift fans span the decades of Taylor's career and include Era-specific merch, as well as general Taylor Swift gifts.

You never need a particular reason to celebrate Taylor Swift, but now is a better time then ever. From colouring books to lyric prints, all of this Taylor merch is sure to make you gasp "You Belong With Me".

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Best Taylor Swift gifts for Swifties

Proud Swiftie pin

Pink proud swiftie badge pin
Proud Swiftie pin. Not On The High Street

If you're a Swiftie, then you better say it with your chest! This glossy sparkly enamel pin from Not On The High Street gives you the chance to proclaim your love loud and proud, and it might just be the perfect finishing touch to your Eras tour outfit too.

Buy Proud Swiftie pin for £9 £7.20 (save £1.80 or 20%) at Not On The High Street

Taylor Swift Colouring and Activity Book

Cover of the Taylor Swift tour edition colouring book
Taylor Swift colouring and activity book Amazon

There's no activity quite as relaxing as colouring in, especially when it's images of your favourite pop superstar. Stick on some Taylor Swift songs in the background, sharpen your pencils and get ready for the relaxation evening of a lifetime.

Buy Taylor Swift Colouring and Activity book for £6.99 at Amazon

Taylor Swift Piano Book

front cover of Hal Leonard 40 Taylor Swift songs piano book
Taylor Swift piano book Amazon

The perfect Taylor Swift gift for the musician in your life, this Taylor Swift piano book features 40 of Taylor's greatest hits in easy arrangements, including Love Story, Shake It Off and Teardrops On My Guitar.

Whether you're a Lover girlie or a Speak Now stan, you'll have a great time singing along with these arrangements.

Buy Taylor Swift piano book for £14.95 at Amazon

Best Taylor Swift vinyl gifts

Lover Limited Edition Pink and Blue Vinyl

Limited edition pink and blue Lover vinyls in album sleeve
Limited edition blue and pink Lover vinyl. Amazon

When you think of Taylor's Lover era, the colours pink and blue should be the first thing that comes to mind. This limited edition pink and blue vinyl reflects the iconic cover of her sixth album, and is a must-have for any avid vinyl collectors.

Buy Lover Limited Edition Pink and Blue Vinyl for £55.67 £52.92 (save £2.75 or 5%) at Amazon

Fearless Taylors Version – Exclusive Gold

Two Fearless gold vinyls in album sleeve
Fearless exclusive edition gold vinyls. Amazon

This one's for the OG Taylor fans. Everyone deserves to listen to hits like White Horse, Fifteen and You Belong With Me on vinyl, especially when it's the Fearless exclusive gold vinyl.

Buy Fearless Taylors Version - Exclusive Gold for £69.74 at Amazon

The Tortured Poets Department The Black Dog

Tortured Poets Department black vinyl
The Tortured Poets Department The Black Dog vinyl. Amazon

While The Tortured Poets Department: The Anthology might not be released yet, you can still snag this gorgeous black vinyl featuring the extra track The Black Dog (funnily enough, which is named after this writer's old local pub!).

This set includes two ink black vinyl discs, as well as a collectible 24-page book-bound jacket featuring never-before-seen photos and replication of three handwritten lyrics, as well as collectible album sleeves.

Buy The Tortured Poets Department The Black Dog vinyl for £49.48 at Amazon

Best Taylor Swift t-shirts

A Lot Going on At the Moment t-shirt

A lot going on at the moment white tshirt
A Lot Going on at the Moment t-shirt. Etsy

Yet another iconic Taylor moment came at the Eras tour when Miss Swift appeared donning a white tee that said A Lot Going On At The Moment.

Eagle-eyed Swifties will immediately notice a slight change from the famous Not A Lot Going On At The Moment tee that she wore in the 22 music video— but what could that mean?

Buy A Lot Going on at the Moment t-shirt for £5.49 £4.12 (save £1.27 or 25%) at Etsy

Taylor's Version Embroidered Sweatshirt

off-white sweatshirt with (taylor's version) embroidered, with a bunch of dried flowers
Taylor's Version embroidered sweatshirt. Etsy

As we all know, when something has the phrase "Taylor's Version" beside it, that means that it belongs to Taylor Swift. So what better way to show your undying loyalty than with this beautiful embroidered Taylor's Version sweatshirt?

Buy Taylor's Version Embroidered Sweatshirt for £29.39 at Etsy

Karma is a cat t-shirt

Black graphic tee with cat drawing reading karma is a cat
Karma is a cat t-shirt. Amazon

More often than not, the Venn diagram of cat lovers and Swifties is a circle. So why not show your love for both with this Karma is a cat t-shirt?

This graphic tee comes in a wide selection of different colours, meaning you could easily get one to go with every outfit. Tempting...

Buy Karma is a Cat t-shirt for £15.96 at Amazon

Best Eras tour gifts

Taylor Swift concert ticket voucher

White and gold customised commemorative concert ticket with time, date and location
Eras tour concert ticket. Not On The High Street

Are you surprising a loved one with tickets to see the Eras tour? If so, this foil scratch voucher is the perfect way to reveal the surprise, all while keeping the suspense high.

Once the shock has worn off, you'll have a beautiful keepsake to remember your day by, perfect to add to your poster wall or Taylor shrine (we're not judging).

Buy Taylor Swift concert ticket voucher for £6.95 at Not On The High Street

Eras Tour cowboy hat

Black cowboy hat with silver and purple lighting that reads Eras on top of a disco ball
Speak Now Eras tour cowboy hat. Not On The High Street

As we all know, the perfect finishing touch to any outfit is a cowboy hat, especially when it's an Eras tour outfit. No matter which Era you're going to dress as, Sequin Souls has the perfect cowboy hat for you.

Each hat features the word Eras emblazoned on the front and is decorated according to a different Era of Taylor Swift— we're talking hearts on the Lover hat, moons and stars on the Midnights hat etc etc.

Buy Eras tour cowboy hat for £59 at Not On The High Street

Taylor Swift Eras tour scrunchie

Scrunchie with classic Eras tour print
Taylor Swift Eras tour scrunchie. Etsy

A scrunchie is for life, not just for the Eras tour, and you can wear this one all year round.

This scrunchie is made from satin, which is widely regarded as one of the best materials to use on your hair, as its smoothness can prevent hair breakage.

Buy Taylor Swift Eras tour scrunchie for £5 at Etsy

Funny Taylor Swift gifts

Taylor Swift cardboard face masks

Six Taylor Swift cardboard face masks
Taylor Swift cardboard face masks. Amazon

Swfities, the final stage in your transformation is almost complete. You've got the perfect Eras tour outfit, you've got an encyclopaedic knowledge of Taylor's discography, now all you need is her face. Just be careful; you might have to learn how to dodge the paparazzi.

Buy Taylor Swift cardboard face masks for £6.99 at Amazon

Swiftea Mug

White mug with book illustrations saying Swiftea
Swiftea mug. Not On The High Street

There's nothing better than curling up with a cup of tea and a good book while listening to Taylor Swift on a dark and cold evening – and this is the perfect mug to do it with, especially if you love a good pun.

Buy Swiftea mug for £13.95 at Not On The High Street

Taylor Swift car air freshener

Disco ball car air freshener saying "In this car we listen to Taylor Swift"
Taylor Swift car air freshener. Amazon

Driving down the motorway screaming Taylor Swift songs at the top of your lungs with your friends is this writer's idea of a good time. This cute car air freshener is the perfect way to make sure that anyone who steps into your car knows exactly what to expect.

Buy Taylor Swift car air freshener for £8.69 £6.99 (save £1.80 or 20%) at Amazon

Best Taylor Swift experience gifts

Candlelight: A Tribute to Taylor Swift

String quartet surrounded by candles
Candlelight concert. Fever

You can experience Taylor's tunes like never before, thanks to this beautiful candlelight concert taking place on Saturday 22nd June. The City String Ensemble will be playing a range of hits including Cardigan, Blank Space, All Too Well and But Daddy I Love Him, all while surrounded by candlelight. Bliss.

Buy Candlelight: A Tribute to Taylor Swift tickets from £13 at Fever

For more of your favourite artists by candlelight, check out our roundup of the best candlelight concerts happening this month.


Taylor Swift performs onstage during Taylor Swift tour in a glittery dress
Taylor Swift. Buda Mendes/TAS23/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management

Unless you're a Swiftie who's been living under a rock, you're sure to have heard of Swiftogeddon. It's a magical event, where Swifties congregate to celebrate their Queen and sing along to both her greatest hits and tracks from the vault.

Buy Swiftogeddon tickets at Live Nation

Best Taylor Swift prints

Bejewelled lyrics print

Taylor Swift Bejewelled print with disco ball
Bejewelled lyrics print. Not On The High Street

Disco balls seem to be a running theme when it comes to Taylor Swift gifts, and this Bejewelled lyrics print is no exception. With its vibrant pink, yellow and orange colour scheme, this print is sure to make the whole place shimmer.

Buy Bejewelled lyrics print for £11.99 at Not On The High Street

The Lover tarot card print

Tarot card The Lover print with Taylor Swift in blue dress
The Lover tarot card print.

You won't be able to stop yourself falling in love with this gorgeous Taylor Swift tarot card print. Perfect for fans of the Lover era or any Swiftie really, this print centres Taylor in all her bejewelled glory.

Buy The Lover tarot card print for £11.50 at Not On High Street

1989 (Taylor's Version) print

Polaroid-style poster of 1989 Taylor's Version album cover with tracklist
1989 (Taylor's Version) print. Etsy

In this house, we listen to Taylor's version and we buy prints of Taylor's version. This 1989 (Taylor's version) print comes with the summery album cover, as well as a track list, release date, album length and genre info at the bottom, all in the style of a Polaroid picture.

Buy 1989 (Taylor's Version) print for £11.99 at Etsy


Did you know that there's a new Taylor Swift vs Scotter Braun documentary coming out, which you can watch on Discovery Plus UK?