Nobody does sports stadiums quite like the United States of America.


Whether it's designed for college or professional sport, the Americans have a knack of raising concrete and steel behemoths from the ground with spectacular results.

The US boasts eight stadiums above 100,000-capacity – all of which are used for college football – while the UK's biggest ground, Wembley Stadium, would only rank No.13 in terms of size if it were shipped to the States.

Somewhat surprisingly, NFL stadiums range from around 60,000-capacity to just north of 80,000, but they are usually far more technically impressive, with lavish corporate suites and state-of-the-art technology running through their veins.

The NFL likes to reward forward-thinking teams who construct magnificent new-build stadiums with the honour of hosting the Super Bowl. 2024 is one of those years.

More like this brings you all the details, facts and figures about the Super Bowl stadium in 2024.

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Where is the Super Bowl 2024 held?

General view of Allegiant Stadium from the upper sideline
General view of Allegiant Stadium from the upper sideline.

Super Bowl LVIII will be held in Paradise, Nevada in 2024 – close to Las Vegas.

The game will be played at the Allegiant Stadium, home of the Las Vegas Raiders.

Super Bowl 2024 stadium capacity

Close-up view of the Al Davis Memorial Torch
Close-up view of the Al Davis Memorial Torch.

Allegiant Stadium boasts a 65,000 capacity, which actually makes it the fourth-smallest stadium in the NFL.

Reports suggest the stadium is expandable to 71,835 for the biggest events, but it remains to be seen whether this expanded format will come into force at the Super Bowl.

The Washington Commanders' FedEx Field is the smallest stadium with a 58,000 capacity, while MetLife Stadium – home to the New York Giants and New York Jets – maxes out at 82,500.

Super Bowl stadium facts and figures

General view of Allegiant Stadium from behind the endzone
General view of Allegiant Stadium from behind the endzone.

Stadium stats

  • Constructed: 2017-2020
  • Opened: July 2020
  • Cost to build: $1.9 billion
  • Elevation: 670m (above sea level)
  • NFL capacity: 65,000 (rising to 71,835)
  • Soccer capacity: 61,000


  • 2,300+ TVs inside the stadium
  • 44 escalators
  • 128 executive suites
  • 75,000 square foot of video boards
  • 105,000 cubic yards of concrete (enough to create 257 miles of pavement from Las Vegas to Los Angeles).
  • 28,000 tonnes of structural steel (heavier than the Statue of Liberty)

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