There's more than glory and ambition on the line when NFL teams lock horns in the Super Bowl.


Players earn huge bonuses for reeling in the big one, the title every team craves, but more than that, they are each presented with a unique reminder of their victory.

Super Bowl winners are handed dazzling, bespoke rings, crafted specifically for that team in the wake of their triumph.

There are plenty of iconic sports trophies to be won around the world, but few are as personal and wearable as a flashy Super Bowl ring.

Hundreds of rings are scattered around the world, but winning one is an incredibly tough ask, with some of the finest NFL players in history leaving the sport without one.

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Tom Brady doesn't quite boast this problem. The newly-retired quarterback legend boasts a whopping seven rings, one for each of his glorious triumphs. brings you all the details about Super Bowl rings.

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How much is a Super Bowl ring worth?

The NFL stumps up between $5,000 and $7,000 per ring to give to teams, but rings often cost more than that price tag.

Each ring is custom built by the winning team, with various styles and gemstones used, usually incorporating the colours, name and logo of the team.

The precise cost of a ring is kept private by teams, but most of the market value of a ring after it has been handed to a player is determined by the stature of the player himself.

For example, 10 players on a team may be given Super Bowl rings worth an initial $15,000 but when it comes to re-sale and 'value' a ring worn by the quarterback is going to fetch a higher market price than one awarded to a special teams player.

Most expensive Super Bowl ring cost

The New England Patriots' rings for their 2015 triumph were reportedly worth $36,500 each.

If they chose to hand out 100 throughout their organisation, that's a cool $3.65 million!

Another high-roller ring came in 2017 when the Patriots produced the largest ever comeback in Super Bowl history.

They motored back from 28-3 down to defeat the Atlanta Falcons and celebrated with Super Bowl rings featuring... 283 diamonds each.

In terms of the highest-recorded Super Bowl ring sale, New York Giants' two-time champion Lawrence Taylor's 1990 winners' ring was sold for a cool £169,000 by his son in 2012.

Who gets a Super Bowl ring?

It is completely up to a team's owners to determine who gets an official Super Bowl ring.

Traditionally, players and key coaches are each given a top-tier ring, with further team staff given rings featuring lesser stones or faux diamonds at a lower cost per piece.

The NFL offers up a bonus for teams that covers at least part of the cost for up to 150 rings per winning team.

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