Euro 2020 has arrived and 24 teams are all decked out in kits of varying degrees of beauty. We're on hand to bring you the full lowdown on the best and the rest.


Fans of the classic Croatian chequerboard, iconic Dutch orange and Italians looking fit for the catwalks of Milan will not be disappointed by this year's array of finery.

As usual, there are traditional, simple and stunning efforts, as well as experimental and bold kits plus some that are plain boring.

Of course, ranking kits may be the most subjective, most divisive topic of all opinion pieces across any subject matter on the entirety of the internet, and of course, you may disagree with us – though you would be completely incorrect to do so.

If you are a lover of football kits, we have ranked and rated them all for you below, home and away, so you can see what each country will look like when they take to the pitch.

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24. Poland Euro 2020 kit

poland euro 2020 kit

Come on now, lads. You're entering a major tournament with arguably the greatest striker in the world at your disposal and you choose to pick up a £9.99 multi-pack of Sports Direct's cheapest non-descript shifts and whack a badge in the middle of it. More effort required, Poland.

23. Hungary Euro 2020 kit

hungary euro 2020 kit

Quite simple, you just don't really want to buy this, do you? The away kit is fairly clean with the national colours, but it's not going to get any pulses racing.

22. Spain Euro 2020 kit

spain euro 2020 kit

Every tournament, there is always one kit that you're more offended by that you ought to be. I just don't see it. At all. The away kit is sound, but the home kit is offering golf jumper vibes that I don't need to see from Spain.

21. Slovakia Euro 2020 kit

slovakia euro 2020 kit

The camouflage revolution has to stop soon, please. Slovakia have gone for kits that won't be remembered in years to come, just like their participation in this tournament.

20. Wales Euro 2020 kit


Just, fine. Like, there isn't a great deal to say about Wales' efforts. Clean, tidy template designs. The bright colours save them from blending into obscurity.

19. Switzerland Euro 2020 kit


We're still dawdling in the boring end of the kit scale for Euro 2020 with Switzerland hardly raising the bar for inventiveness, but the designs are smart and tidy.

18. Austria Euro 2020 kit


The shirts themselves boast very smart designs, with the away kit looking particularly snazzy, but Austria lose points for their home shirt screaming 'North London Red, Pro Evo 2005'. As more teams remove their naming licences from popular video games, expect Austria's kit to be used as an Aldi Arsenal shirt in years to come.

17. Czech Republic Euro 2020 kit


We were about to knock this kit right down towards the bottom of the pile for its painful averageness. Then we saw the lion. Kit makers, pay attention. Large animals on football kits = good.

16. Finland Euro 2020 kit


The home shirt is a bold, cool design but is unfortunately dragged down by the fact that the away shirt, if you swapped the blue for red, looks like knock-off England merchandise your dad's mate wears to the pub when it's not a matchday.

15. Russia Euro 2020 kit

russia euro 2020 kit

Right, now we're entering the zone where the quality shoots up. Russia may have gone with the camouflage but it does work on the home shirt, the away kit boasts slick horizontal bars, and the coat of arms brings a magisterial vibe to the whole thing. Big fan.

14. North Macedonia Euro 2020 kit


North Macedonia had launched a new burgundy kit in time for the tournament featuring outlines of lynxes on the front a la Czech Republic with their lion, but the move was met with outrage due to the maroon colour. The North Macedonian FA have since backtracked and confirmed they will wear their old kits for the tournament and while they do look a little cheap, they receive top marks for reflecting the national flag. Unique.

13. Denmark Euro 2020 kit

denmark euro 2020 kit

There is a real retro feel to the Denmark kit that we can't get enough of – which is no surprise given that is made by kit-making maestros, Hummel. The chevrons remain intact and the simple design on both makes them shirts worth owning.

12. Belgium Euro 2020 kit


Belgium's home shirt is a lovely one with the black effect really matching up well with the deep red and the yellow touches on the collar, sleeve and badge. We quite like the away kit too – even if it does look stained, which we assume is only how it looks in the photo.

11. Scotland Euro 2020 kit

scotland euro 2020 kit

Another kit where we actually prefer the away shirt is Scotland. Just look at it – it's wonderful. But that is no knock on the home shirt either, which is another hit; the dark blue with the stripes is a really effective look.

10. Ukraine Euro 2020 kit

ukraine euro 2020 kit

Two brightly coloured sets of kits on the bounce now, starting with Ukraine! The home kit is pretty much what everyone expected it to be: simple and a bright yellow. Both shirts have a pattern on them but it is far more noticeable on the blue.

9. Netherlands Euro 2020 kit

netherlands euro 2020 kit

More fantastic patterns on a kit here with the Netherlands and their gorgeous orange shirt, and as much as we love that one, we are huge fans of the away kit too, with the orange being used subtly enough to really complement the black.

8. Croatia Euro 2020 kit

croatia euro kit 2020

Croatia's home shirt is known for being a bit of a shock to the eyes with its red and white block style and that is no different this time around – we still love it though and it has become a bit of a trademark for Croatia. The away kit uses a similar theme but with smaller checks and black and grey colouring.

7. Portugal Euro 2020 kit


The red with hints of black design is very much a Portugal-style shirt and another that we love. The away kit is a bold, bold move but looks superb while worn and could go down as an iconic kit if they triumph in the Euro 2020 final.

6. Sweden Euro 2020 kit

sweden euro 2020 kit

The Swedish home kit is unmistakable as Sweden and the bright, vibrant yellow is exactly the sort of shirt that we'd want from them. The yellow is incorporated in a subtle way on the away shirt too and this is another kit we are big fans of. The blue trim cuffs on the home shirt are particularly excellent.

5.Germany Euro 2020 kit

germany euro 2020 kit

Another stripe-happy home shirt for Germany here but, again, it is one we really like and the German flag colours on the sleeves are a gorgeous touch. Adidas has also impressed with the away kit, which may be one of our favourites in the whole competition.

4. Turkey Euro 2020 kit


We like the matching styles for both kits here, with the home and away shirts being identical with the only difference being the colour. And that design is beautifully uncomplicated too – a win for Turkey here. Simple designs always go one of two ways: too boring or simply superb. It's a fine, arbitrary line between the two, but Turkey have nailed it.

3. France Euro 2020 kit


If you're going to win a major international tournament, you have to do it in style and if France are to succeed, there's no issue on that front. Both kits are traditional efforts, but the red bar pops on the front of the home shirt as does the famous cockerel. The underarm stripes on the away shirt show just how effective a little dash of colour can be on a white shirt.

2. England Euro 2020 kit

england euro 2020 kit

Another massive win for simplicity. We need to talk about England's home kit, we adore it. It's simple, it looks brilliant and it's quintessentially an England kit. It looks even better with the France '98-inspired iconic red numbers on the front and back, while the away kit is a terrific, fresh and bespoke effort. Fair play, Nike.

1. Italy Euro 2020 kit

italy euro 2020 kit

Death, taxes and GLORIOUS Italian football shirts at major international tournaments. You may not love the Puma away kit template this year, but Italy's is by far the best, while the home kit genuinely might be the nicest football shirt – for club and country – of the fledgling decade so far. Possibly even the century. It's just. Wow. We need to stop.

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