Hollyoaks continues airing Juliet Nightingale's cancer storyline in upcoming heartbreaking scenes.


The character played by Niamh Blackshaw has seen her health deteriorate over the last few weeks and may not have long left. As her girlfriend Peri (Ruby O'Donnell), her friends and her family rally around her, Juliet is determined to make the most of the time she has left by going through her bucket list.

Elsewhere in the village, Warren Fox (Jamie Lomas) has his eye on Sharon Bailey (Jamelia) and his mum Norma Crow (Glynis Barber) is worried when an old acquaintance returns to Hollyoaks on a revenge quest.

Read on for the biggest spoilers for episodes airing on Channel 4 between Monday, June 5th and Friday, June 9th.

1. Sam won't leave Zoe alone

Garcia Brown as Zoe and Matthew McGivern as Sam in Hollyoaks.
Will Sam stop smothering Zoe? Lime Pictures/Channel 4

Sam Chen-Williams (Matthew McGivern) is still wrapping his head around the break-up with Zoe Anderson (Garcia Brown) as she's deciding what to do with her unplanned pregnancy.

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Unable to give her some space, Sam is only making things worse for his ex.

The situation takes a turn when Ethan Williams (Matthew Bailey) tells his nephew he knew what Zoe was planning, resulting in Sam losing his cool once again. Will he finally respect Zoe's wishes and stay away?

2. Warren flirts with Sharon

hollyoaks warren fox
Warren wants to ask Sharon out. Lime Pictures/Channel 4

When Sharon goes to Warren's body shop to have him check his car, she finds more than she bargained for as he takes an interest in her. His attempts at flirting, however, aren't reciprocated.

Determined to prove to the GP he's more than his local gangster reputation, Warren leaves a drawing Sophie made for him in Sharon's car. The plan works as she writes her real number on the back of the picture.

After Warren chats her up with a cheesy line, Sharon caves and agrees to go on a date with him.

3. Norma is blackmailed

hollyoaks glynis barber as norma crow
Is Norma in danger? Lime Pictures/Channel 4

Norma is in trouble when an acquaintance returns to the village after serving time to protect her. Wanting to keep him away, she offers him money, but will it be enough?

Meanwhile, ex-police officer Jack Osborne (Jimmy McKenna) grows concerned when he realises Terry Smart, who he helped put behind bars, walks free again. He decides to keep an eye out for Norma, fearing Terry is up to no good.

Later on, an overwhelmed Norma confesses to Warren that she intends to pay Terry off.

4. Rayne wants to help Juliet

Owen Warner and Jemma Donovan as Romeo and Rayne in Hollyoaks
Owen Warner and Jemma Donovan as Romeo and Rayne in Hollyoaks. Lime Pictures/Channel 4

As Juliet is working through her bucket list, she wishes she could go on a plane but knows she won't be able to do that.

Rayne Royce (Jemma Donovan) intends to help her friend, calling on her followers and fellow influencers to grant Juliet her wish.

When Rayne manages to secure tickets for Juliet to fly to Barcelona, Peri is worried.

5. Zain is excited about Yazz's baby

hollyoaks yazz
Yazz is expecting a baby. Lime Pictures/Channel 4

Zain Rizwaan (Jonas Khan) gets carried away with all things babies after Yazz (Haiesha Mistry) and Tom Cunningham (Ellis Hollins) tell him she's pregnant.

Elated at the prospect of becoming a step-grandfather, Zain agrees to keep the pregnancy from Misbah (Harvey Virdi) until she's back, under the condition he gets to look after Yazz in the meantime. But Zain goes a little too far, apologising to his stepdaughter and admitting he's just happy as he's never had babies around before.

6. Romeo gives Juliet a night to remember

Owen Warner as Romeo in Hollyoaks
Owen Warner as Romeo in Hollyoaks. Lime Pictures

Romeo is struggling to write a poem for Juliet. When he and Rayne bump into Damon Kinsella (Jacob Roberts), who's organising a movie night at the Love Boat to raise funds for cancer charities, the influencer encourages her boyfriend to take his sister to the event and forget about the poem.

Damon agrees to change the movie to Juliet's favourite, but when Zara Morgan (Kelly Condron) accidentally spills her drink on the projector, the night goes awry. Nonetheless, Juliet is determined not to let this accident ruin her mood and gets out a story Romeo wrote when he was younger, looking back on their childhood.

Later in the week, Romeo is left feeling deflated when a weak Juliet stubbornly refuses to use a wheelchair and opens up to Peri about his fear of losing his sister.

7. Lacey defends Nadira in a confrontation with Rayne

Annabelle Davis as Lacey in Hollyoaks
Annabelle Davis as Lacey in Hollyoaks. Lime Pictures

Upset over Juliet's health, Nadira Valli (Ashling O'Shea) lashes out at Rayne when she thinks the influencer is flaunting her life on social media while their friend is dying.

A premature post from Rayne leads Nadira to discover some sad news. As Lacey Lloyd (Annabelle Davis) sticks up for Nadira, Rayne unveils her spiteful side.

8. Peri has a romantic surprise for Juliet

Ruby O'Donnell and Niamh Blackshaw as Peri and Juliet in Hollyoaks
Ruby O'Donnell and Niamh Blackshaw as Peri and Juliet in Hollyoaks. Lime Pictures

Juliet's family plan a surprise for her, decorating the folly with pictures celebrating her love for Peri.

In an emotional moment, Peri reads what she hoped one day would be their wedding vows, revealing she had written them during their trip to Brighton. As Peri's favourite song comes on, the nurse admits she would've wanted that to be their first dance, resulting in Juliet standing up to slow dance with her girlfriend.

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