There's terror on the way in the Dales next week, as Nicola King (Nicola Wheeler) is viciously attacked by a gang of teens. Some confessions are also on the way, as a number of characters have something to get off their chests. Mary Goskirk (Louise Jameson) shocks daughter Rhona Goskirk (Zoë Henry) with a revelation about her sexuality; just as Rhona is planning to propose to partner Marlon Dingle (Mark Charnock) again.


Meanwhile, Faith Dingle (Sally Dexter) finally reveals her illness to the rest of the clan, and Laurel Thomas (Charlotte Bellamy) admits she might be ready for a new relationship. And Cathy Hope (Gabrielle Dowling) has her own romantic hopes dashed by Samson Dingle (Sam Hall).

Here's all you can expect in Emmerdale for the week of 13th - 17th June 2022.

1. Nicola is attacked

Nicola is attacked in Emmerdale

In the aftermath of the recent squabbling between Nicola and sister Bernice Blackstock (Samantha Giles), the pair join Laurel and head out to a bar as a way of putting their council-based row behind them. But when Nicola leaves early, she is set upon by a group of teenage girls in the car park. They mug her and beat her, leaving her bloodied and lifeless on the ground.

Later, Nicola is seen in hospital as Bernice, Laurel, as well as Nicola's husband Jimmy King (Nick Miles) and dad Rodney Blackstock (Patrick Mower), wait anxiously for news. When she wakes, embarrassed Nicola lies that she can't remember what happened; but niece Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham) finds a disturbing video of the young girls attacking her.

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Jimmy is heartbroken to realise his wife felt too ashamed to talk to him about her ordeal. As Nicola opens up to Harriet Finch (Katherine Dow Blyton), she reveals her fear that the teens will find her and her family, as they stole her driving licence with her address on. Can poor Nicola overcome her trauma, and will the perpetrators be caught?

2. Mary comes out

Louise Jameson as Mary in Emmerdale

When Kim Tate (Claire King) asks Mary a question that sparks painful memories, the latter's evasive behaviour causes concern. Kim is supportive as Mary reveals her secret - she is gay, and recounts a sad story of lost love. As Kim encourages her to come out to Rhona, Mary is nervous.

When she eventually plucks up the courage, Rhona is shocked to discover that her mum was in love with her neighbour who recently passed away. The truth leaves Rhona confused as she thinks back over her family life. Mary is hurt, but even more so when Rhona reveals her sexuality to a packed room. Can the mother and daughter reconcile?

3. Rhona pops the question


When Marlon and Rhona first got engaged in a romantic double proposal a few months ago, their happiness was rocked when Marlon suffered a stroke. The pair have been navigating his recovery ever since, with all thoughts of marriage put on the back-burner. But next week, Rhona decides to ask Marlon to marry her once again.

When he wakes to her surprise proposal, how will Marlon react? However this pans out, there's heartening progress as he takes his first step with a walking frame amid his struggles to get back on his feet. Fingers crossed for more happy news as the week progresses...

4. Faith's loved ones learn her secret

Sally Dexter as Faith Dingle

When Cain (Jeff Hordley) returns from Scotland to find estranged mum Faith at Butler's, Moira (Natalie J Robb) dreads what's to come. Faith maintains a dignified composure when Cain assumes her ill state is a hangover, when in fact it's the side-effects from her chemotherapy. Moira comforts Faith over Cain's cold words, and Wendy Posner (Susan Cookson) continues to offer support.

Knowing she can't hide the truth of her cancer forever, Faith hopes to make peace with Cain while celebrating her birthday. Chas (Lucy Pargeter) plans a party, and Moira tells Faith she knows how to make sure Cain will be there. Later, a furious Cain reveals his birthday wish for his mum is to drop dead - and Faith responds by informing him that her cancer is back, and it's incurable. How will Cain and Chas respond?

5. Laurel tries to move on

Harriet, Laurel and Gabby in Emmerdale

Having split from Jai Sharma (Chris Bisson) for good, Laurel surprises even herself in upcoming scenes when she realises she might be ready to embark on a new relationship. But it may not be so simple, as she recovers from the drama of how things ended with Jai.

There's also the fact that Laurel will never quite be able to let go of beloved late husband Ashley (John Middleton) who died from dementia five years ago. Later in the week, Laurel's is feeling emotional as she reminisces over her past with Ashley. Will she decide against pursuing a romance, or is the time right for her to move on?

6. Cathy's disappointment


Remember when Cathy decided she and Samson were the couple on the block, only for Samson to burst her bubble rather cruelly? Samson later apologised for his behaviour, and we all know that he actually likes pal Amelia Spencer (Daisy Campbell). But Amelia has made it clear she doesn't feel the same.

So Cathy is feeling optimistic about spending time with Samson again - especially when he suggest they go to a party together. But when he adds that this will just be as friends, Cathy is left hurt again. Will she overcome her unrequited crush?

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