Mackenzie Boyd (Lawrence Robb) is all tied up next week, but who is behind this kidnapping? We think we can rule out serial offender Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) this time...


Meanwhile, as Kim Tate (Claire King) makes a huge admission to husband Will Taylor (Dean Andrews), Will's daughter Dawn Fletcher (Olivia Bromley) goes into labour.

Charles Anderson (Kevin Mathurin) is furious with Aaron Dingle's (Danny Miller) hateful behaviour, while Gus Malcolm (Alan McKenna) and baby daughter Ivy, born from an embryo belonging to Rhona Goskirk (Zoë Henry), end up moving in with her!

Finally, Nicky Milligan (Lewis Cope) is not happy about dad Caleb's (William Ash) affair with Tracy Robinson (Amy Walsh), and Tom King (James Chase) is upset amid some proposal plans...

Read on for all your brand new Emmerdale spoilers for 18th - 22nd December 2023.

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7 Emmerdale spoilers for 18th - 22nd December 2023

1. Mack is kidnapped

A close up of Mack tied and bound to a chair in Emmerdale
Who has captured Mack? ITV

After an argument, Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) is wound up when Mack storms out and insists he won't be back for a while. But soon, we see an unresponsive Mack sitting bound to a chair in an abandoned factory!

Does this have something to do with an absent Chloe Harris (Jessie Elland), who is closer to home than we first thought after taking her and Mack's baby son Reuben out of the village?

Will anyone come to Mack's rescue, or is he about to face the ultimate punishment for cheating on first Charity, and then Chloe?

2. Kim makes a big confession

Will stands behind a guilty Kim in Emmerdale
Kim admits her role in Craig's death. ITV

Will is stunned when Kim confirms that she played a part in Craig Reed's (Ben Addis) death, when her horse kicked him and she failed to get him help under Cain's instruction. Kim tells Will her side of the story, but Will is left feeling utterly betrayed.

When Kim urges her husband to keep her secret, Will has a decision to make - but he later finds a drunken Kim slumped against Dawn's birthing pool. She rushes off to be sick, and Will worries about the state Kim has got herself into.

But will he agree to protect her secret, or might their marriage be in trouble? And has Kim's conscience finally got the better of her?

3. Dawn gives birth

Dawn cradles a baby as she sits in the birthing pool and Billy watches on, both beaming with happiness in Emmerdale
The Fletchers welcome their new addition. ITV

At the Christmas fair, Dawn's contractions begin. Husband Billy (Jay Kontzle) is by her side as she delivers their son in the birthing pool at Home Farm as planned.

The joyous photo above shows the couple glowing in the aftermath of the happy arrival. Billy is overwhelmed as the baby is named Evan, after his late father, and it's all smiles for the family at Christmas.

4. Charles confronts Aaron

Charles clutches onto Aaron as the pair come to blows in Emmerdale
Aaron goes too far again. ITV

Charles gets Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) to open up about her loneliness and the effect Aaron's behaviour is having on her. When Aaron has another altercation with Chas, a seething Charles orders Aaron to show his mother some respect.

But when Aaron goads Charles, a scuffle ensues, and a sheepish Charles later apologises to Chas for his outburst.

Chas is happy to have found a friend, but little do the pair know that Aaron is enticing Charles's son Ethan (Emile John) into Mill, seizing his chance to get in with him.

Aaron goes on to humiliate smitten Ethan in front of Charles, but when Chas challenges Aaron about his actions, her words leave Aaron blindsided. Will he finally wake up to how toxic his behaviour has been?

5. Gus and baby Ivy move in with Rhona and Marlon

Mary and Gus stand over the kitchen table as Rhona and Marlon look worried in Emmerdale
Baby Ivy has changed everything. ITV

Mary Goskirk (Louise Jameson) helps grief-stricken Gus with baby Ivy, and her concern grows after a call from the funeral directors shows just how much Gus is struggling. Rhona is desperate for news, and soon catches Mary slipping out to see Gus and Ivy.

Mary downplays Gus's problems, deciding it's best for Rhona's own wellbeing. But at Gus's, Mary sees that he's at breaking point, and Rhona's jaw drops when her mother brings Gus and Ivy into their home!

Marlon Dingle (Mark Charnock) is also stunned to see their new house guests, and things are tetchy at breakfast the next morning after no sleep due to a crying Ivy. Rhona tries to keep the peace, but Marlon is losing patience. Will this odd new set-up last?

6. Nicky is unimpressed with Caleb and Tracy

Caleb holds Tracy by the waist as the door of Mill Cottage in Emmerdale
Tracy panics over the affair. ITV

Nicky laments Caleb and Tracy for taking risks with their affair, while her husband Nate (Jurell Carter) remains oblivious as he wins Best Santa at the fair.

Tracy panics over Nicky knowing the truth, but Caleb assures her that Nicky will keep their secret. But affairs always come to light in soapland - so how, and when, will Nate learn that his wife has been playing away?

7. Tom is devastated

Belle and Tom wear festive reindeer antlers at the Christmas fair in Emmerdale
What has upset Tom? ITV

Tom is thrilled by the imminent arrival of Nicola King's (Nicola Wheeler) special guests, and when Chas hears that Tom is a massive Torvill and Dean fan, she suggests this is the perfect time for a proposal.

But at the fair, Tom is devastated. Yet what exactly has caused this change in mood?

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