Caleb Miligan (William Ash) finally regained consciousness in tonight's Emmerdale (21st June), only to confront son Nicky (Lewis Cope) over the fact that he had tried to kill him!


The ITV soap confirmed Nicky's guilt last night, while suspect Mackenzie Boyd (Lawrence Robb) remained in police custody.

Tonight, Mack returned home after being questioned all night, telling Chloe Harris (Jessie Elland) that his fate depended on whether Caleb woke from his coma.

As a distrustful Chloe packed to leave Mack, Nicky sat by Caleb's hospital bedside, having been told that his dad would be taken off the ventilator that day.

Caleb's half-sister Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) joined Nicky, with the latter trying to convince her that Mack was the guilty man.

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Soon, Chas spotted that Caleb was becoming responsive. His eyes focused on Nicky, and it soon became clear that Caleb knew exactly who had pushed him over that ravine, when he stopped Nicky from fleeing and suggested they needed to talk there and then.

As Nicky continued to try and keep Mack in the frame, Caleb coyly quizzed him, before he directly called Nicky out for what he had done. It wasn't long before Emmerdale delivered a flashback, as Nicky talked through the day of the attack from his perspective.

Nicky had returned to the village to make peace with his dad, until he heard Caleb boasting about buying Mill Cottage.

In the present, Nicky reminded Caleb that he had manipulated him into doing his dirty work, and dumping boyfriend Ally (Josh Horrocks), on the pretence that Nicky's mother was about to be made homeless.

But Caleb flashing the cash proved that he was never short of money, and Nicky claimed his dad never cared about him or his mum.

Nicky had never intended to injure or kill Caleb, he said - but Caleb pointed out that Nicky had still left him for dead. Nicky replied that he was scared, which was why he ran.

As Caleb warned him that he could serve 10 years in prison, he left Nicky to stew for a while. Later, Caleb insisted that Nicky had better be prepared for him to report him to the police. Will he go through with it?

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