*Warning: This article contains spoilers for the episode on Tuesday 16th April 2024, which was made available on BBC iPlayer at 6am.*


George Knight (Colin Salmon) turned to Cindy Beale (Michelle Collins) for comfort in the latest instalment of EastEnders, with the pair sharing a kiss after a tough day for George.

After being knocked out during an underground boxing match, George stayed at Phil Mitchell's (Steve McFadden) house, and fibbed to his fiancée Elaine Peacock (Harriet Thorpe) that he and Phil had got into an altercation which caused his bruises.

George confided to Elaine that his evil adoptive father, Eddie Knight (Christopher Fairbank), was blocking him from Gloria's (Elizabeth Counsell) funeral, and that Gloria's dying wish to be cremated was being ignored.

Elaine pledged her support, while Cindy was worried to see George so troubled out in the Square.

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George updated Cindy on Eddie's latest act, and she insisted that George mustn't let Eddie win.

At the Vic, George was heartened by a visit from Gloria's brother, his uncle Gordon (John Peters). But when Gordon avoided the subject of the funeral arrangements, and revealed that Eddie had instructed him to empty out the flat, George descended into further turmoil.

George stormed out, and Cindy was dismayed when Elaine refused to follow George and simply poured herself a drink.

Cindy persuaded Phil to tell her what was really going on with George, and the pair found him at the underground boxing circuit. George wasn't able to enter the building this time, so Cindy brought him to the Boxing Den and lectured him on risking his life.

George admitted that he was escaping his pain and grief, and as he broke down, Cindy listened as he poured his heart out. "I don't know who I am any more," he told her, adding that when he was fighting he finally felt alive again.

Cindy explained that she understood, having spent decades living with a fake identity. But she urged George to hold on to the things he did know, and those who cared for him - including her.

As George calmed, he explained that his estranged son Junior wasn't answering his calls. Cindy advised him not to give up, and the pair discussed the upcoming 10th anniversary of her late daughter Lucy Beale's (Hetti Bywater) death.

As George and Cindy recalled their past together, George leaned in to kiss Cindy, who responded in kind. But will he regret this move?

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