*Warning: contains spoilers for tonight's EastEnders episode (11th April 2024), which is currently airing on iPlayer.*


George Knight's (played by Colin Salmon) life has been changed once more following a heartbreaking EastEnders episode in which he lost his adoptive mum.

Yesterday, brave George stood up in court and condemned his adoptive father, Eddie (Christopher Firbank), for killing his real father, Henry Kofi Asare, in an historic murder.

As a result, Gloria (Elizabeth Counsell) had a heart attack in court and was put into hospital clearly in a very weak condition.

In today's episode, although she was conscious, she was visibly very poorly - and asked George to go to her flat and retrieve a cigar box she would like to show him.

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Curiosity got the better of George, and he looked in the box before heading back to see his mum. What he saw was a picture of his real mum and dad.

EastEnders' Gloria sits up in a hospital bed. She has her grey hair down and she has an oxygen tube attached to her nose. She is wearing a hospital gown and she is talking to George Knight, off camera.
EastEnders' Gloria.

Determined to cope in his own way, George went to the boxing club to let off some steam and had a heart-to-heart with Phil (Steve McFadden), who was also going through a troubling time - as he just found out that Ben got sentenced to six years in an American prison.

George admitted he was still partly angry at his mum for the secrets she kept from him, but Phil reasoned with him that Gloria is still his mother, and that he should be there with her so she didn't die alone, like Peggy (Barbara Windsor) did.

Clearly emotional himself, Phil said: "You're angry, George, you are. But the thing about anger is that it goes away. Regret... that's another story. Regret never leaves you. You should go and see your mum, George."

George took Phil's advice and went back to see Gloria as Cindy (Michelle Collins) told him he didn't have long left with her.

He held Gloria's hand and told her Eddie was found guilty and will be sent to prison.

Gloria admitted she was at peace with the news, as she explained the doctor had told her she didn't have long left.

She told George: "Don't feel sad. I don't. I feel free, and I want to stay free. Your dad paid out for a plot for me and him to go to. I don't want to be in the ground with him, I want to be cremated. Promise me, George, please."

As George promised, Gloria apologised for everything that happened.

George replied: "You don't need to apologise, mum. I understand and I forgive you. Because I have to, because you're my mum and I love you."

She asked for George to play the tape in the cigar box, which was a lullaby sung by George's real mum.

While the lullaby played in the background, George rested his head and Gloria passed away peacefully.

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