Linda Carter (played by Kellie Bright) got the fright of her life when her rapist Dean Wicks (Matt Di Angelo) returned to EastEnders yesterday (30th October).


It all unravelled during the Queen Vic's Halloween party, where Dean confronted Linda in the same place he raped her in 2014, in a chilling nod to their nasty past.

And according to actress Bright, the horror is only just getting started, explaining to press including "She feels far more vulnerable.

"She hates the fact she feels so vulnerable around Dean, but it's understandable. He scares her in a way no one else ever can or would. And because Mick [Danny Dyer] isn't there, it's 10 times worse for her."

Also, Bright teased there could be more conflict between the Knights and the Beales, given the fact Dean is now a business parter of Cindy.

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"For Linda, it's really stuck a nail in the coffin," Bright said of the potential conflict. "I don't think Elaine needs any more excuses to hate Cindy. It's not done them any favours.

"Linda knows Ian Beale of old, and that he would betray his own mother for a deal. She's horrified. But Cindy doesn't know anything about him - she only finds out Dean's history later."

What all of this means for fans is that there's another potential victim on Christmas Day, as no doubt Dean now has to be in the mix, given how evil he is and will continue to be.

Does Dean's arrival mean Christmas just got a whole lot more intriguing for Bright?

"I am excited. For me, when I have a big storyline, I still get a nervous tummy and butterflies. I really want it to be great, and I know I have to deliver. I am excited to be working with the other five women and doing some really good, juicy stuff with them," she explained.

"I love the fact that we’ve had this secret building on the show for the whole year, and it’s really clever. I love the fact that I am part of something that hasn’t been done before, so I’m really embracing that.

"I feel like I’m at the foot of the mountain, about to set off for the climb, and although I know it’ll be magnificent at the top, it’s still a climb to get there!"

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