It's been a busy time for Danny Dyer since his Eastenders exit, with the well-known actor hosting Scared of the Dark, a Channel 4 travel show with daughter Dani Dyer, and leading the cast of Channel 5's upcoming drama Heat.


But Dyer may very well be making a comeback to the streets of east London, as he teased an open ending for Mick Carter in this week's issue of Radio Times magazine.

In the interview, Dyer chatted about why he doesn’t regret leaving the soap, why he won’t do I’m a Celebrity, and the negative impact of fame on him and his family. And while he doesn't regret his decision to exit the soap after 11 years, he did admit that it was hard.

"I don’t regret leaving, but it was really emotional for me. Mick’s exit felt like a real 'full stop', but maybe it was a 'dot, dot, dot'."

In the dramatic festive episodes, Mick Carter ended up in a cliffside confrontation with new wife Janine (Charlie Brooks), after he discovered she had framed his ex Linda (Kellie Bright) for drink driving. Janine drove her car off a cliff with Linda also inside, which prompted Mick to dive into the water in an attempt to save them – and he never returned.

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In more recent episodes, fans have watched on as Linda has struggled in the aftermath of Mick's death, but could he actually be alive? It's something that Dyer has hinted at previously, saying that perhaps there's room for a return in the future.

After all, Mick's body has never been found, and speaking on a recent episode of The Jonathan Ross Show, Dyer said: "If it goes t*ts up I can go back. I can turn up in three years’ time, walk in the Queen Vic smothered in seaweed…"

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Dyer made similar remarks to YouTube channel iFL TV, who referenced a similar comeback story with Neighbours' Harold Bishop (Ian Smith). Dyer said at the time: "A few people have mentioned him to me because he died, didn't he? And then he came back, washed up funnily enough... he lost his memory.

"Who knows? They've kept it open."

Dyer announced his exit from the soap last year, saying: "The big news is I've decided not to renew my contract. That's all. That's not because I've fallen out with anybody, I love everybody. I am leaving EastEnders. I'm very lucky, I'm very grateful.

"When you're in a job like a soap your contract comes up for renewal, and every time it has, they've asked me to stay, and I'm very grateful for that. Because I've seen a lot of people come and go. It's very tough."


As for now, fans have Channel 5's Heat to look forward to in the near future, which sees Dyer venture to Australia for what is set to be an unmissable thriller.

Set in the brink of bushfire season, the four-part series explores what happens when two families go on a summer holiday together at a secluded home in the countryside. Intended to offer everyone a chance to bond and unwind, it's anything but, with the synopsis teasing that "not everyone will make it out alive".

Speaking in this week's issue of Radio Times magazine, Dyer also responded to claims that taking the Australia-set job was a point made against Eastenders. He said: "It was my first post-EastEnders job, but nah. I’ve always been intrigued with Australia because it’s just so f**king far away. It’s a whole day ahead of us – it’s like time travel!"

On if we can expect any kind of Mick Carter-related Aussie spin-off in the future, the actor also added: "That’s a hell of a swim. But it would be an interesting spin-off, Carter in Australia."

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