Faye Windass (Ellie Leach) made her exit from Coronation Street in tonight's emotional episode (24th May), leaving fiancé Craig Tinker (Colson Smith) to be with her daughter Miley (Frankie-Jae Simmonds) and Miley's dad Jackson Hodge (Joseph Evans).


Jackson had already hoped that Faye would join him and Miley in their move to Slough, with Jackson and Faye having fallen for each other in recent weeks. But when Craig reminded Faye that he could hand her into the police for accidentally killing an elderly man last year, Faye felt trapped.

As the ITV soap continued, Faye told Craig that Miley and Jackson would be coming over to take photos before their move, and Craig asked whether she wanted him to stick around or leave them to it. When Faye left the choice up to him, Craig decided to join the group.

Taking family photos with Faye's dad and stepmum Tim (Joe Duttine) and Sally Metcalfe (Sally Dynevor), as well as her brother Gary Windass (Mikey North), Miley explained that she would be putting an album together.

Craig and Faye shared an emotional goodbye in Coronation Street
Craig and Faye shared an emotional goodbye in Coronation Street. ITV

Later, as Faye said her goodbyes to Miley and Jackson, Craig was by her side. Faye insisted that she would be fine, and the couple headed home where Faye attempted to carry on as normal.

But Craig could see that she was struggling, and it was good to see the old, gentle Craig back as he sat Faye down to tell her that if she wanted to be with Jackson and Miley, then she should go.

Craig pointed out that Faye might never be truly happy knowing she had missed her chance, and kindly urged her to get going as it was clear this was what she wanted. With that, Faye was all packed, and emerged with Tim and Sally to take the waiting taxi, where Miley grinned as Jackson looked delighted with Faye's change of heart.

Bidding goodbye to Sal, Faye climbed into Tim's cab to be driven away with her new family. But when she spotted a heartbroken Craig walking along, Faye pleaded with Tim to stop the car so she could say a proper farewell to the man who had always been there for her.

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Telling Craig that she wouldn't be who she was today without him, Faye added that she would always love him; and the pair shared a tearful hug before she headed back to join Jackson and Miley as they left the cobbles for good.

Will Craig be able to move on as Faye grabs hold of her happy ever after?

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